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Stupcarp on IRC has been discontinued. For further work along the lines of bots, please see here.

A stupcarp

Stupcarp is the name of a bot that was written by myself, which is named after a ficticious species of animal that lives off of stupidity. Currently it does nothing. It is written in C, but compiled as C++.

edit Implemented crap

  • Joining and parting of channels.
  • Username parsing so that we can identify which commands came from which user.
  • Wikilink to http link converter
  • VFH link generator
  • Flood protection (Runs in its own thread, 10 (valid) commands/minute max)
  • Crapflood protection (when opped)
  • This page does not exist check for admins and users alike.

edit Stuff to implement

done pretty much everything so far, put requests on the talkpage.

edit Commands and their syntax

Where italics can be replaced with about anything.

  • carp wikify pagename
Changes pagename into Useful for those who are too lazy to copypaste uncyc URLs. This is kind of broken so be gentle with it.
  • carp whore pagename
Changes pagename into
  • carp uptime
Displays the uptime of the bot for HH:MM.SS.
  • carp vfdcount
Displays the amount of articles on VFD. This may not always be accurate, and does not say which articles are being voted on or not.
This function has been removed from the latest builds as it is a buggy mess.

edit Patrolling areas

This is a list of known locations which stupcarp is known to appear in.

  • #uncyclopedia

edit Latest public builds

Here are the latest source files for the bot. The bot is currently not licensed under anything but it will be licensed under the GPL license in a few builds once I've got some bugs sorted out.

edit Supported Compilers

  • Microsoft Visual C++ 98 (Version 6) (Windows)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (Version 8) (Windows)

edit The actual source files themselves

Go ahead, get dirty.

edit April 2007

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