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Zeichen 101

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A few hours following w00t's St. Patrick's Day crapflood, Starnestommy attempt to troll #ed. This is his story. DOINK DOINK! (Note: shocklinks have been filtered out to prevent my ass from getting banned.)

[02:11] * senratsT has joined #ed
[02:11] <Ribo> he buud
[02:11] <Ribo> this one's for you
[02:11] <bUUd> meh
[02:11] <Ribo> button balls
[02:12] <bUUd> see unlike mister dickchop here, my gear looks NORMAL now
[02:13] <Ribo> oh god my penis ;_;
[02:13] <Fox> that was you?
[02:13] <Ribo> no
[02:14] * nmdjkfshfsahf89uy34897434895j8 has left #ed
[02:15] <poutinewolf> the women knew who the men were
[02:15] <UNKNOWNFILE> my n00b senses are tingling
[02:15] <poutinewolf> and the men knew who the women were
[02:15] <Ribo> wait
[02:15] <ZOMBIEBURK> anal%20dynamite.jpg <-- pure class
[02:15] <ZOMBIEBURK> that is one of my fave shock links
[02:15] <Ribo> was that tstarnates again?
[02:15] <UNKNOWNFILE> yeppity yep
[02:15] <poutinewolf> hahaha
[02:15] <ZOMBIEBURK> lol hit and run
[02:16] * I_am_not_a_troll_from_Uncyclop has joined #ed
[02:16] <poutinewolf> have you seen this one
[02:16] * wallace has joined #ed
[02:16] <UNKNOWNFILE> Too obvious.
[02:16] <UNKNOWNFILE> Try again sir.
[02:16] <ZOMBIEBURK> uncyclopedia fails
[02:16] <poutinewolf> it's like a guy stretching his ass out really bad
[02:16] <I_am_not_a_troll_from_Uncyclop> Damn.
[02:16] <Ribo> hai2u wallace
[02:16] <I_am_not_a_troll_from_Uncyclop> Well, while I'm here....
[02:16] <poutinewolf> it's all red and everything
[02:16] <Ribo> wb sternats
[02:16] <wallace> hai ribo
[02:16] <Ribo> I NEVER SLEEP
[02:16] <Ribo> I REMEMBER ALL
[02:16] <Sheneequa> uncyclopedia can't troll us in the first place
[02:16] <wallace> sleep is for the weak
[02:16] <I_am_not_a_troll_from_Uncyclop> Time to return some shit...
[02:16] <UNKNOWNFILE> better not, sir
[02:17] <I_am_not_a_troll_from_Uncyclop> EAT MY GOATSE'D PENIS!!!111one
[02:17] <I_am_not_a_troll_from_Uncyclop> EAT MY GOATSE'D PENIS!!!111one
[02:17] <I_am_not_a_troll_from_Uncyclop> EAT MY GOATSE'D PENIS!!!111one
[02:17] * I_am_not_a_troll_from_Uncyclop has left #ed
[02:17] <poutinewolf> i think it's called "goats" or something?
[02:17] <UNKNOWNFILE> oooooo, how original.
[02:17] <Sheneequa> UNKNOWNFILE: oh god make him stop
[02:17] <poutinewolf> IT WAS SOOOO CRAZY
[02:17] <UNKNOWNFILE> I would but he's an annoyance
[02:17] <UNKNOWNFILE> today he was banned on uncyc for dickery
[02:17] <UNKNOWNFILE> he does that a lot
[02:17] <Ribo> lol
[02:18] <Ribo> i can see why
[02:18] <Sheneequa> UNKNOWNFILE: is it nintendorulez
[02:18] <Sheneequa> aka faggot hated by everyone
[02:18] <ZOMBIEBURK> wait i think i remember that guy
[02:18] <ZOMBIEBURK> from a raid
[02:18] <UNKNOWNFILE> Nintendorulez hasn't been reincarnated in any form as of yet
[02:18] <Sheneequa> UNKNOWNFILE: is he banned still?
[02:18] <Ribo> is he lucidfox?
[02:18] <UNKNOWNFILE> yep
[02:18] <Sheneequa> looooooool
[02:18] * pshSheneequa has joined #ed
[02:18] <UNKNOWNFILE> "You bitched for all of 2006. Will not happen for all of 2007."
[02:18] <Sheneequa> oh noes we're gonna get trolled
[02:19] <pshSheneequa> psh you
[02:19] <Ribo> in and out
[02:19] <Ribo> in and out
[02:19] <Ribo> in and out
[02:19] * UNKNOWNFILE throws a grenade at starnes
[02:19] <RealDeal> nintendorulez what a stupid name
[02:19] <pshSheneequa> Gimped
[02:19] <Ribo> stop being such a tease, sternats
[02:19] <ZOMBIEBURK> lol shen why are they after you?
[02:19] <Ribo> stop being such a tease, sternats
[02:19] <Sheneequa> ZOMBIEBURK: lollers
[02:19] <Ribo> STICK IT IN
[02:19] <pshSheneequa> ORLY?
[02:19] <Sheneequa> ZOMBIEBURK: no one's after me
[02:19] * pshSheneequa is now known as Go_eat_shit_fuckers
[02:19] <RealDeal> lol
[02:19] <ZOMBIEBURK> what i mean is they are taking shots at you
[02:19] <RealDeal> 02:58, 17 January 2007 Famine blocked Nintendorulez (contribs) with an expiry time of infinite (You bitched for all of 2006. Will not happen for all of 2007.)
[02:19] <Sheneequa> this guy is just bored
[02:20] <UNKNOWNFILE> Fisher Price.
[02:20] <ZOMBIEBURK> lawl
[02:20] <Sheneequa> cause he was banned from uncyclo
[02:20] <Go_eat_shit_fuckers> Nope...
[02:20] <Ribo> to be banned from uncy
[02:20] <Ribo> ouch
[02:20] <ZOMBIEBURK> too much of a faggot for uncyc
[02:20] <Ribo> i thought they loved everybody there
[02:20] * ItsNotLupus_ has joined #ed
[02:20] <Go_eat_shit_fuckers> FU ED
[02:20] <UNKNOWNFILE> you know, you suck
[02:20] <ZOMBIEBURK> only if you fu ed in the anus
[02:20] <Sheneequa> Go_eat_shit_fuckers: NO U!
[02:20] <Ribo> Go_eat_shit_fuckers: NO U!
[02:21] <Sheneequa> Ribo: NO U!
[02:21] * ItsNotLupus has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[02:21] <Go_eat_shit_fuckers> i am straighter than your momma's peins
[02:21] <Ribo> Sheneequa: NO U
[02:21] <Go_eat_shit_fuckers> NO U
[02:21] <ZOMBIEBURK> wait
[02:21] * Go_eat_shit_fuckers does a goatse
[02:21] <Go_eat_shit_fuckers> look into my ass...
[02:21] <Ribo> goatse goatse goatse
[02:21] <Ribo> it's a classic and all
[02:21] <Ribo> but you really should move on
[02:21] * UNKNOWNFILE watches and laughs as fisherprice rips himself in half
[02:21] <Go_eat_shit_fuckers> Typical ED chat...
[02:22] <Ribo> typical?
[02:22] <Go_eat_shit_fuckers> look into my ass...
[02:22] <ZOMBIEBURK> athf.jpg <-- this is such win
[02:22] <Ribo> typical chat is a massive orgy of lol
[02:22] <Go_eat_shit_fuckers> and you shall see teh future
[02:22] <Ribo> but you are a killjoy
[02:22] <Fox> zombie: fappable
[02:22] <ZOMBIEBURK> he is faggotry clogging our tubes
[02:22] <Go_eat_shit_fuckers> olo
[02:22] <Aardvark> What is this faggotry?
[02:22] <RealDeal> olo
[02:22] <RealDeal> nintendorulez
[02:23] <Go_eat_shit_fuckers> ZOMBIEBURK FU
[02:23] <Aardvark> I'm tempted to kike some unfunny idiot.
[02:23] * Aardvark sets mode: +v RealDeal
[02:23] <Go_eat_shit_fuckers> kike you, asshat
[02:23] <Ribo> are you lucidfox?
[02:23] * Go_eat_shit_fuckers was kicked by Aardvark (Just put the bum cheeks together with meat paste.)
[02:23] <UNKNOWNFILE> yay
[02:23] <Ribo> it puts the lotion in its skin
[02:24] <Ribo> also lol @ KoL
[02:24] <Fox> get the hose get the hose get the hose
[02:24] * Goa_Tse has joined #ed
[02:24] <UNKNOWNFILE> um, no
[02:24] <ZOMBIEBURK> such fail
[02:24] <bUUd> are you some sort of retard child?  a reject from the entire internet out for revenge on the mean mean people who kicked you out?  Wow, I guess what they say about the bottom of the barrel having its own bottom is  true...
[02:24] <Aardvark> Welcome back
[02:24] <UNKNOWNFILE> Starnes, you aren't being funny
[02:24] * Ribo sets mode: +b goa_tse!*@*
[02:24] <Ribo> spell things right
[02:25] * Goa_Tse has left #ed
[02:25] * Ribo sets mode: -b goa_tse!*@*
[02:25] <UNKNOWNFILE> god, please, make him stop
[02:25] <Ribo> unkownfile: i will give you hop if you do it
[02:25] <ZOMBIEBURK> lol aardvark i came very close to clicking that
[02:26] * Ribo sets mode: +h UNKNOWNFILE
[02:26] <Fox> same here
[02:26] * Serial_blanker was kicked by UNKNOWNFILE (more like serial wanker)
[02:26] <Ribo> FASTER PUSSYCAT
[02:26] <Ribo> KILL KILL KILL
[02:26] <bUUd> ...ban?
[02:26] <UNKNOWNFILE> next time = ban
[02:26] * Aardvark sets mode: +v Fox
[02:26] <Aardvark> Nah, he's too lulzy to ban
[02:26] <Fox> danke
[02:26] <bUUd> yeah, I was going to say
[02:26] <Ribo> kekekeke
[02:26] <bUUd> he's got lulz left in him
[02:26] <UNKNOWNFILE> heh, he disconnected in #uncyclopedia
[02:26] <bUUd> we should beat the lulz out of him
[02:26] <Ribo> i'm betting he's gonna scream "TRAITOR"
[02:26] <UNKNOWNFILE> (02:26:29) Starnestommy left the room (quit: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).
[02:27] <Ribo> i think we might have finally done it
[02:27] * januszeal has joined #ed
[02:27] * mediacrat sets mode: +o januszeal
[02:27] * mediacrat sets mode: +v januszeal
[02:27] <ZOMBIEBURK> janus!
[02:27] * UNKNOWNFILE sets mode: -h UNKNOWNFILE
[02:27] <bUUd> I wonder, how many suicides does ED have to its credit
[02:27] <Ribo> 0
[02:27] <Aardvark> 0.
[02:27] * Sheneequa has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[02:27] <januszeal> sup
[02:27] <bUUd> gotta work on that...
[02:27] <januszeal> o.o
[02:27] <ZOMBIEBURK> 0 :/
[02:27] <Aardvark> Noone has committed suicide in response to ED, at least, from our knowledge.
[02:27] <ZOMBIEBURK> janus is azntitgirls page back up?
[02:27] <UNKNOWNFILE> ah shite, starnes re-connected.
[02:28] <Aardvark> So I guess that makes one
[02:28] <januszeal> ZOMBIEBURK
[02:28] <januszeal> she made the video
[02:28] * tompkins has joined #ed
[02:28] <januszeal> and there are more to come
[02:28] <januszeal> lol
[02:28] <Aardvark> Welcome back
[02:28] <Aardvark> Are you going to be lulzy this time?
[02:28] <UNKNOWNFILE> hang on
[02:28] <RealDeal> i'm Miltopia in #Uncyclopedia
[02:28] <Aardvark> #uncyclopedia... is that on fagnode?
[02:29] <RealDeal> yes
[02:29] <UNKNOWNFILE> yeah, it's on freenode
[02:29] <Ribo> WITH MENTHOL BJS
[02:29] <tompkins> It is called freenode
[02:29] <UNKNOWNFILE> Note: = Real Tompkin's IP
[02:29] <bUUd> I lol
[02:29] <Cayde> WhoooO! CAYDE IS DRUNK!!!
[02:29] <RealDeal> <Starnestommy>	RealDeal is Miltopia!
[02:29] <RealDeal> lol
[02:29] <UNKNOWNFILE> Starnes's IP: Username: n=Nobody@f.i.s.h
[02:29] <bUUd> I lol'd when your golden idol got wtfpwned by a truck
[02:29] <januszeal> -[ 02:29.18 ]- -[ Raw ]- -[ tompkins is connecting from *@c.r.a.p b.l.a.h ]-
[02:30] <Ribo> beep beep bike safety
[02:30] <Ribo> tompkins: have you ever heard of the psychological term "Projecting"
[02:30] <Ribo> by accusing us of being pedophilliac gay necro-zoophiles
[02:30] <Ribo> you may in fact
[02:31] <Ribo> be 'projecting' your feelings
[02:31] <Ribo> onto us
[02:31] <UNKNOWNFILE> excuse me sir, may i pwn you again? for you see, my pwnage levels are quite low.
[02:31] <RealDeal> lawl
[02:31] <bUUd> Its alright, tompkins, we've all been there.  except those of us who are actually worthy to live.
[02:31] <bUUd> kill yourself, lol
[02:31] <Ribo> For example
[02:31] <Ribo> Maf54 wanted to protect the children
[02:31] <ZOMBIEBURK> here tompkins you can take my gun
[02:31] <tompkins> yes, i have raped a dead male cow
[02:31] <Ribo> while actively hunting them
[02:31] <RealDeal> down the block not across the street
[02:31] * tompkins takes gun
[02:31] * ZOMBIEBURK hands tampkins a gun
[02:31] * tompkins fires on everyone
[02:32] <ZOMBIEBURK> you should have waited faggot
[02:32] * UNKNOWNFILE whips tampon's in the ass
[02:32] <tompkins> (pow*
[02:32] <tompkins> *pow*
[02:32] * RealDeal slits his own wrists
[02:32] <tompkins> 8PWN*
[02:32] <UNKNOWNFILE> you are being stupid sir
[02:32] * Sheneequa has joined #ed
[02:32] <ZOMBIEBURK> lol tompkins is shooting blanks
[02:32] <Fox> alright, I'm going to bed
[02:32] <bUUd> take you mom's bread knife and play your wrists like a violin
[02:32] <ZOMBIEBURK> big surprise there
[02:32] <Ribo> 8pwn*?
[02:32] <tompkins> Yes sir, I am...
[02:32] <Fox> later
[02:32] <Ribo> wtf is that
[02:32] <UNKNOWNFILE> you are starnes, have a nice fucking day
[02:32] * Ribo sets mode: +o Sheneequa
[02:32] <tompkins> I am SO high AND drunk!!!!\
[02:33] <Sheneequa> lollers
[02:33] * Fox has left #ed
[02:33] * tompkins has quit IRC (Quit: Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox])
[02:34] * mediacrat sets mode: +b *!*@last.measure.mirror
[02:34] * januszeal was kicked by mediacrat (sup (januszeal))
[02:34] <ZOMBIEBURK> [01:32] * Sheneequa (n=sup@unaffiliated/sheneequa)has joined #uncyclopedia
[02:34] <ZOMBIEBURK> [01:33] <Starnestommy> ...
[02:34] * JoKeR has joined #ed
[02:34] * sets mode: -b *!*@last.measure.mirror
[02:34] <Ribo> looool
[02:34] * januszeal has joined #ed
[02:34] * mediacrat sets mode: +o januszeal
[02:34] <UNKNOWNFILE> lemme copypaste the chat as i go along
[02:34] <januszeal> hmm
[02:35] <UNKNOWNFILE> (02:33:25) Starnestommy: ...
[02:35] <UNKNOWNFILE> (02:33:36) Sheneequa: oh hey Starnestommy
[02:35] <UNKNOWNFILE> (02:33:38) denak: lol you fail at trolling faggot
[02:35] <januszeal> k
[02:35] <ZOMBIEBURK> we must archive this
[02:35] * januszeal sets mode: -o+v januszeal januszeal
[02:35] <UNKNOWNFILE> (02:33:39) UNKNOWNFILE: starnes, you should probably get the hell out of there
[02:35] <UNKNOWNFILE> (02:33:51) RudyValencia: hey
[02:35] <UNKNOWNFILE> (02:33:52) Starnestommy: I'll just be quiet...
[02:35] <UNKNOWNFILE> (02:33:53) UNKNOWNFILE: however you will still be laughed at from afar
[02:35] <UNKNOWNFILE> (02:33:53) keitei: who's trolling?
[02:35] <UNKNOWNFILE> (02:34:08) UNKNOWNFILE: *points at Starnes*
[02:35] <RealDeal> Sheenequa: I'm miltopia in #Uncyclopedia
[02:35] <UNKNOWNFILE> (02:34:15) UNKNOWNFILE: he is harrassing #edpeoples
[02:35] <UNKNOWNFILE> (02:34:18) denak: starnes is attempting to troll ed
[02:35] <UNKNOWNFILE> (02:34:18) Sheneequa: I just pm'd him the first 3 books of the bible
[02:35] <UNKNOWNFILE> (02:34:22) denak: but failing
[02:35] <UNKNOWNFILE> (02:34:25) Starnestommy: Yoi aew trolling us.
[02:35] * Cayde has quit IRC (Quit: Chatzilla 0.9.77 [Firefox])
[02:35] <UNKNOWNFILE> (02:34:56) Starnestommy left the room.
[02:35] <UNKNOWNFILE> (02:35:04) Sheneequa: lollers
[02:35] <UNKNOWNFILE> (02:35:22) Sheneequa: I love bible flooding
[02:35] <UNKNOWNFILE> (02:35:22) denak: lol thats right
[02:35] <UNKNOWNFILE> (02:35:24) denak: run and cry
[02:35] <Ribo> lol
[02:35] <Sheneequa> see ED and uncyclo can coexist just fine
[02:36] <UNKNOWNFILE> assmunchingchimp = starnes
[02:36] <UNKNOWNFILE> (02:35:55) assmunchingchimp [n=Nobody@] entered the room.
[02:36] <UNKNOWNFILE> (02:36:08) UNKNOWNFILE: Hi, starnes
[02:36] <UNKNOWNFILE> (02:36:12) UNKNOWNFILE: how was your /nick break?
[02:36] <UNKNOWNFILE> (02:36:14) Sheneequa: assmunchingchimp: hey again
[02:36] <januszeal> lol
[02:36] <Ribo> unkownfile can be one of the ED/Uncy love childs
[02:36] <januszeal> UNKNOWNFILE : your DNS name is too long
[02:37] <UNKNOWNFILE> (02:36:59) assmunchingchimp left the room ("Fucking 3/17").
[02:37] <Ribo> lol
[02:37] <Ribo> cooome baaack to us starnes
[02:37] <UNKNOWNFILE> (02:37:21) Sheneequa: ED and uncyclo can unite in pointing and laughing at starnest
[02:38] <RealDeal> |<--	Starnestommy has left ("I give up")
[02:38] <RealDeal> loooooooooooooooooooooool
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