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edit Places to find cruft

Here are several links to find pages suitable for deletion.

edit Key for articles (aka: Types of cruft)

Reasons the articles are listed here are as follows (using the following combination):

  • 2 = 2005cruft - Articles from 2005 that have had little contributions (under 30) and are just plain rubbish.
  • A = animecruft/otakucruft - Articles relating to Japan/anime, which are usually crap, considering that otakus have no idea what funny is.
  • F = forkcruft - To quote Alksub, "In forkcruft, the author takes an encyclopedic title and spells it wrong."
  • L = listcruft - 1) Articles 2) That 3) Are 4) Quite 5) Listy.
  • R = randomcruft - Articles that are way too random for smug can opener.
  • Ra = rambling article - Articles that go on for great lengths, degrading in quality as they progress.
  • Re = recreated rubbish - Self-explanatory.
  • S = sexcruft - Articles relating to sex (we have enough of them already).
  • St = stub - Short articles
  • T = towncruft/"I hate my hometown" articles - Articles about a specific city, town or district.
  • U = unoriginal/AAAAAAAAA!-clone/spincruft - Shitty spinoffs of another article.
  • V = vanityshite/forumcruft/sitecruft/schoolcruft - Articles relating to non-notable subjects, such as websites or people. These are usually QVFD'd but occasionally some slip by.

edit Articles Up For Deletion

Here is a list of articles for VFD. Remove it from here once you have put it on VFD.

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