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edit TysonV, A Chronicle

Hello. I am TysonV. I like whaling and eating Doritos on Tuesdays (ONLY ON TUESDAYS). Sometimes I dream about unicorns, but mostly my dreams consist of me lying in a pool of molten iron ore, drinking Dr. Pepper and singing Dragonforce and Eddie Murphy colaborations that I've put together in my mind.

edit Stuff I've Written

Being a busy person, I have no time to waste on this pathetic site that I LOATH. So I've only written one full article on Chayanne, the latin pop music sensation. In it I reveal his little known life story. It's intersting...

edit Stuff I'm Working On

Write now I'm working on an Unscript piece entitled A Penultimate Romance. The story consists of a town of invalid handicaps and their hero, Bulgarion (a hunchback) who falls in love with Sarai (she has two pegs for legs). I'm working on it in my user space.

edit If you see me on the street...


edit The Flag of My Nation, Tyronia

Pstakes09 - tyronian flag

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