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A picture of the mythic "Tyrheon", uncovered by Professor Pierre Aronnax and a random party of OD&D adventurers during a deep sea expedition that found its way to the 666 Layers of the Abyss.

Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Satan?

“I accidentally had sex with him thinking he was my quote wall.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Tyrheon
“God, must have tasted like a sack of shit. Probably fucking frozen, too.”
~ Gordon Ramsay on Oscar's sex

edit The Mythos of Tyrheon

Born in 1454 BC, Tyrheon is the result of a coupling between a cartoon hooker and Gordon Ramsay, which took place in Bonapartes Restaurant, Silsden, England, during the time between takes of Ramsay's Fucking Nightmares. Tyrheon, a six-armed, green demon, upon being ousted from Mr. Ramsay's sight with a, "You lousy fuck of shit" went on to impersonate Avalokiteśvara for several hundred years, a successful enterprise that turned Tyrheon into a rich person with enough money to buy expensive prostitutes. However, one fateful eve, when he was in bed practicing hjfeddeletit with a Vulcan slave girl, Spike Spiegel arrived at his home, and died. This event, wherein Spike died, just like how he died in Cowboy Bebop, injured Tyrheon so much that he flew away to the internet where he now writes garbage for Uncyclopedia every so many millennia when he gives a shit.

edit Name Change Controvery

In 1454 AD, Tyrheon changed his name to Lord Tyrheon, in an attempt to pimp out his name in the way that some of his other demonic peers had done, half-fiends such as "Lady" Gaga and Raddabiscuit 666. This made people angry, because they knew Tyrheon was a shithead*. Just to piss everyone off, Tyrheon changed his name to Fuckayuus Arsehole. He still says that to this day. His father is proud of him.

edit "Spike Dies" Controvery

Lord Tyrheon thinks this is a very funny joke, and wants to infect at least 65% of all Uncyclopedia pages with it. Most people think he's a douche bag, and hope he will be banned. If he is banned for such a reason, at least he will be banned for a hilarious cause, even if his efforts aren't appreciated for hundreds of years. However, Lord Tyrheon is also angry at himself, because he doesn't try to add this joke to pages nearly as often as he should; in fact, he only adds the joke when it's appropriate. Gordon Ramsay thinks he's a fake. Also an ungrateful, nasty, vindictive joker.

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