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"His favourite koshersaur is Troodon". - Captain Obvious

Hello! I love koshersaurs. As Captain Obvious noticed, my favorite koshersaur is Troodon. It is believed to have been the smartest koshersaur because it had the largest dick relative to the size of its body (some of the so-called "experts" at Wikipedia believe that it had the largest brain relative to the size of its body. However, we Uncyclopedians know that that's just nonsense). I am planning to become a Judaeo-paleontologist someday, and in the meantime, I have a huge collection of koshersaur books and toy koshersaurs. I like to call it Koshersaurabilia. My goal on this website is to provide a free uncyclopedia where anyone can learn the world's misinformation about Judaeo-palaeontology.

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