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Teresita Sy-Coson also known as Tessie by her family is a master of palambingan and likes to play a Wii game entitled SM Prime: The game. She is so rich that she's got everything(from things that Imelda Marcos owns to Sharpay's things that no one can buy). She owns SM prime holdings(i tell you she does, she even got $$$ for bossing around).

edit Biography

She is the first born of Henry Sy a.k.a business typhoon. She got Hitler powers at a young age. She's got fabulous right on her side! Now, lots-a people got jealous with her for her superpowers(come on, im serious here!). When she was a teenager, she used to walk around her house with her pajamas, even her daddy got angry at her for being stupid. Now, Tessie was also used to make fun of her brother who did nothing but cry when he got teased gay. You know, Junior, that guy with a movie theater in his house(supah-fabulous!). I wonder where to end, but she sure grew up pretty bossy.

edit Time Magazine sees her doing palambingan

Koopa klones

As we can see in this photo, Tessie hugs on her daddy, she's too old to do palambingan, otherwise, let a 7-year-old do it. Let me read the small text in the image for you, it reads "The sy family, philippines worst nightmare"

She was a bad girl during that time, Wikipedia even planned to hire her, but due to her father's strict compliance, she always hated Wikipedia. So she hugs her father, Time was responsible for her change of behavior(yes, she used to be mature back when she was not in the photoshot, but after the photoshot and the release of the said issue, she started to change the way she behaves, she is now immature). What a sad story. Right now the Cosons and the Sys are filing a case against Time Magazine for allegedly using Tessie as a 53-year-old-acting-like-a-7-year-old. Right now, the Philippine supreme court is still judging over all magazine covers which Tessie appears in. She also started to act like Sharpay Evans, thats why many people call her Sharpay Syvans.

edit I told you i worked in SM!

Yes, she did, she used her school uniform to work there, in fact, it was the same one with Assumption College, so no need to change clothes to work. Other things that were noticed were that she was the Goddess of business, because she can be anyone she likes. But to prove that she was the richest girl alive, here is what most people ask her about(answers included!):

Q: You wear many different hats—banker, corporate head, top merchandiser, where I hear that you pick each item that goes inside SM department stores. How do you manage all these different jobs? How do you describe a typical day? Do you work during weekends?

A: When I started working for my father, I was given specific tasks, but was expected to know the things that were going on around me. That, I guess, was my first lesson in Deal or No Deal. And having come from a business-minded family, it was but natural for me to get into the flow of our different businesses as they came in.

How do I manage? Apart from practicing multitasking and time management, we have also built our organization over the years, and have many professionals working for us. In fact, I look at my role in the company as an “enabler,” who brings together our human, financial, and organizational resources to help make it grow. My workdays vary, and yes, I work during weekdays at 12 PM.

Q: In choosing the items that go into SM, what are your criteria?

A: We consider, first of all, what directions we have with regards to the particular department we are buying for. In fashion, for example, we look at the trends we would like to follow. But over all, design, quality, and pricing are very important to me. I like sex toys, too! Fuck it baby!

Q: How much of the SM Group’s vision is your Dad’s, and how much of it is the management group’s?

A: As the founder, my Dad remains the Group’s visionary. We have, however, adapted his vision to the changing times.

Q: SM always seemed to have a vision way ahead of the market. How do you explain this? How do you see SM 10 years from now?

A: It has been our corporate direction to adapt to the every changing needs of our consumer, so I guess we have always been forward fucking your big fat ass.

Q: How does a family meeting go? Who are present in the meetings?

A: The way most family meetings go. We update each other, and try to get each other’s inputs on each project, and make decisions together. We also consider the inputs of the executives who make presentations during these meetings.

Q: Who are the major influences in your life right now?

A: The outputs of my family members and the country's executives influence my decisions.

Q: How many whores do you have, and how do you raise them? How old are they? How do you keep in touch with their needs and thoughts?

A: I have three kids, and I would say I raised them with the same values my parents raised me with, but of course, in loosing with the days. I always make time for them no matter how busy I am.

Q: How do you allocate time for yourself? You’re an artist, how do you give vent to this talent? What are your passions?

A: I believe you can make time for yourself if you plan and prioritize. I apply creativity in many of the things I do like porn pictures, be it in fashion or solving problems. Working in a family corporation, my family and my work are my passions.

Q: Where do you go shopping?

A: I usually go shopping in Robinsons because i want to poison John Gokongwei but i can't

edit I defeated Oprah

Tessie has defeated Oprah Winfrey in a duel held in Pacific ocean, you know how she defeated them, she did it by using her pom-pom gun to kill her. What else? SHE IS ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL GIRLS IN THE WORLD. Yes, more powerful than Sharpay Evans or Ashley Tisdale, yes, more powerful! She was even known to be the next Imelda Marcos. Aw Shit! Is this the end of the world? I say it is! Quick, grab a machine gun and assasinate her, wait, don't forget the samurais and the ninjas.

edit Fashion for Dummies

Tessie was a dummy, yes she was. Her clothes are just the same all the day long, no change at all! She hates jewelry but she likes gadgets like iPod, Cellphones and Nintendo Wii. She filled my shoe-THATS RIGHT!. But worst of all, her closet is filled with cloned clothes, i would not wear it if eBay tells me to. Now, shall we proceed or you stay in her room and do your usual fucking routine of kidnapping her clothes.

edit She's gonna date you!

Teresita Sy-Coson has posted this ad on a dating site and she really wants you to date her. If you are a certified hottie, here are ways to contact her:

By Snail Mail:
12 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center,
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila
Fax(make sure to use a business letter because she's smart enough to identify a love letter and may reject you):
Things to remember before sending it to the mail:
Please, use the name Teresita Sy-Coson instead of Tessie Sy-Coson(she would kill you if you use her nickname)
Don't forget to place President and Chairman of Banco de Oro(for snail mail and fax)
If you call her from long distance, make sure to pay your own telephone bill, don't rely on your soon-to-be girlfriend Tessie.
Now go court her before a much-hottier guy than you are gets her!

edit I am a chain smoker


Tessie smokes on Megamall while her father tries to assassinate her with a bleeding knife. Its either Henry Sy or the white lady who's going to kill her. Check out her brand new iPod and flaming cigarette

Teresita Sy-Coson was caught chain smoking in...where was that again(Mall of Asia). Thanks, she was caught smoking in Mall of Asia and paparazzi was chasing her, she was drunk then and she smashed an innocent costumer and yet, the costumer was not a karate black belter, he is now in PGH recovering while folks were looking for Coson who was believed to have hid her self in Forbes Park. Who knows she could be disguising as your maid as part of her hiding.

edit Flirtstation


Tessie puts up her very own flirtstaion, sadly, she was courted by lesbians-AW SHIT!

Tessie is seen in I Dream putting up her own flirtstation after she was ditched by her boyfriend. Now, macho guys watching the musical were asked to come up the stage and court her, sadly, lesbians were up there, so there's no way a gay fag or a straight male can court her.

It is also where her I wan't it all scenes were filmed(the picture says Tokyo).

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