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Trevor is the second worst name ever created, after David. You want a good name? Take Kevin. Seriously. Or Andrew. Horribly good names... 100% of the world's working population are named Kevin. No joke, look it up... Or ask your best friend (it should be Kevin).

I am zee trevor. I can't spell "the". I have skype and msn messenger but nobody will talk to me. Forever alond is my site that nobody will ever go to.

t38_ [at] hotmail [dot] com is my msn handle. I am so desperate for people to talk to me.

and trevorwilde is my skype name. Please talk to me... i'm ronery

Fuck team Uncyclopedia And Apple Inc. But not Macintosh. NEVER Macintosh. They rock

Salt Lake Flag This user is Openly Gay.
And is unabashedly proud of that fact.
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