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Penultimate World War
The 100mt "Update" nuclear bomb detonated on Java on August 2, 32715.
Conflict: World War XII
Date: September 22, 32711–January 32, 32767
Place: Global
Outcome: Near end of world
Java, USSR, Big U (Angola, South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique), Western Africa, Spain, Antartouthica, Uexico (US, Mexico)
Obama Albert Einstein
2,147,483,649 9,468,347,142
6,999,999,999 7,000,000,000

The Penultimate World War, also known as World War XII, Beginning of the End, or Prepare for The End of Time War, is the successor to World War XI and was preceded by The Last World War. It is basically to prepare for the end of time at The Last World War.

edit Events leading up to war

On June 23, 32437, Earth was rebuilt from the massive destruction from World War X (or the Ultimate world war), which happened on February 30, 31234. On June 27, 32628, World War XI (or the Antepenultimate world war) occured, which was even more destructive. On September 22, 32701, they rebuild the earth and then they said this:

“In 10 years, we will prepare for the ultimate destruction of the Earth.”

2147483649 people agreed, but 0 didn't. So the war was planned for 10 years later and to be 56 years long.

edit The Beginning


Red: Big U & Australia | Blue: USSR | Green: Java (now discontinued/banned/illegal)


The world's first, last, and only photo of the 200MT Uncyclo bomb exploding in Angola.

On September 22, 32711, the war starts. Russia will discontinue Java due to a security exploit in 133upd7 that allowed Australia to completely mess up Angola, Namibia, Mozambique, and South Africa. This creates the Big U. On November 20, 32712, a 200MT bomb 4x more powerful than the tsar bomba named "Uncyclo" was detonated in Angola. All the other USSR countries join in.

edit The West Africa


Red: Big U & Australia | Blue: USSR | Yellow: Western Africa | Green: Java (now discontinued/banned/illegal)

Eventually, on December 14, 32713, Mali becomes so phenomenally dumb that it invades the entire western africa. Mistakenly Spain was invaded as well. The entire Western africa becomes a single state.

edit The War Grows Even Larger


Red: Big U & Australia | Blue: USAsiaSR | Cyan: Antartouthica| Yellow: Western Africa | Green: Java (now discontinued/banned/illegal)

On September 10, 32717, USSR becomes very dumb, so it renames itself and invades China, Korea, and Mongolia. Antartica also invades South America.

Then, in November 22, 32717, a dumb security team of idiot USSRs blow up and obliterate Iceland, malaysia, indonesia, oceania, and the phillipines. They also blow up the illegal
Java and arrest the makers of the software until the end of time. Anyone that says Java until the end of the war will be arrested until the end of time, because Java is uber-offensive in the Penultimate world war.

Also, at this period, the bomb droppings from the USSR/Soviet guys reach its climax so Novaya Zemlya is also blown up completely.

Mariko exploding

This footage was captured on January 17, 32718, which is the the only footage taken on the Java explosions. (Click to see video, Uncyclopedia was really broken at 32718)

edit The Pen becomes Ultimate


Red: Eastaff | Orange: UK | Blue: USAsiaSR | Cyan: Antartouthica| Yellow: Western Africa

On January 28, 32721, the entire remaining half of Africa is invaded by Australia and the Big U. Also, due to security reasons, the tips of Australia and the teeny weeny island right next to it. are cut off and buried somewhere super super safe.

Cuba is obliterated, and then Madagascar is disposed of in outer space, landing in Gliese 581g, but only in the end of time. The bottom half of the Middle east is obliterated; the unknown weird island on top of Europe is obliterated; and finally, everything else in Europe besides Spain and France is obliterated. The UK is left behind, ready to sneakly fight with some other countries in the near future.

At the same time, the Kraken is also released.

edit Some Cleanup


Red: Eastaff | Blue: USAsiaSR | Cyan: Antartouthica| Yellow: Western Africa

On December 19, 32735, a cleanup operation is currently finished. Europe, australia, greenland, the rest of Asia and japan are gone. It tooks years, but we just got the right amount of TNT to blow all this up.

edit Nearing the end


Red: Eastaff | Blue: USAsiaSR | Purple: Uexico | Cyan: Antartouthica| Yellow: Western Africa

On February 1, 32742, Florida, the little thing on the left coming out of Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula are removed. Then, the USA invades Mexico and fights. At the same time, Canada is removed. jk, it's the little islands that come out of canada in Nunavut.

Then, on April 4, 32744, thousands of mentos/coke bombs were made in state New Hampshaine being detonated at the same time, emitting lots of carbon dioxide that will kill everything and everyone in Uexico. THE END

edit The End or I end?


Red: Eastaff | Blue: USAsiaSR | Purple: Uexico | Cyan: Antartouthica| Yellow: Western Africa

jk, On January 1, 32755, someone went mining at some point and found a strange big red button underneath the Yucatan peninsula. The person, named Deadmau∞, told to the government after completely exposing the button in February 30, 32766, The US government said this:

“We are going to press that huge button. We Are going to end the world. We ARE going to wipe out humanity. But, let's do it anyways next year.”

So it was planned for January 32, 32767.

edit The End or I end.


This is the Earth exploding. Red: Hell | Yellow: Australia Tips | Green: Survivor Land | Blue: Heaven

On January 32, 32767, 12:00 AM noon, Obama, jumped on the big button. After 10 seconds, the North and South Americas will be completely blown up and obliterated. Thousands of tonnes of C4 was used underneath the button. Also, the tips of Australia float up to surface. This leaves behind a super continent with absolutely nothing in it. It consists of 4 parts, each of which are different and unique. The red part is hell, where every single nuclear bomb that has ever existed has been detonated, and all the people at USAsiaSR have moved here. The yellow pieces are the Australian Tips, where the Country Cutting and Uber-Professional Cutting people live. Green is the normal part, where it is a lush forest and people are building houses and towns in here as well. Blue is the heaven part, where thousands of survivers are helping humanity to fix Earth and rebuild it, on 120,361, they finally did it. Hooray!

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