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Type: File sharing

Opened: March 21, 2005

Status: Closed

Megaupload was a file sharing website operated by Kim Dotcom. It was taken down in January 19, 2012 because of 1 googol child pornography images and videos from Uncyclomedia Commons. MU was taken down after the SOPA/PIPA blackout. Wikipedia was the worst.

For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article very remotely related to TotalCuddles02/Deleted articles/Megaupload.

edit Difference between Megaupload and Wikipedia

  • Megaupload is good.
  • Megaupload is fast.
  • Megaupload is fun.
  • Megaupload is reliable.

For Wikipedia:

  • Wikipedia is bad.
  • Wikipedia is slow.
  • Wikipedia is boring.
  • Wikipedia is unreliable.

edit Opening

Megaupload was opened in March 2005 that allowed users to upload images, video, pr0n, and music. Megaupload was a hub for pirated software, nulled vBulletin, BitTorrent, and other illegally downloaded content, pr0n, and h4x. Kim Dotcom is a member of the US Government. MEGA stands for Mega Eatable Gay Sex. Let me eat your sex!

edit Closing

Megaupload, a Chinese-registered business owned by a German living in New Zealand, was huffed by Americans. The US Government was also arrested, and will never come out of jail. GAY SEX: The US Government has a penis! Megaupload was actually launched in March 21, 2005 BC.

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