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Toonmon MUN

Hotness This is a vanity page.
This page is a shameless example of egotism and is completely worthless. The author is pretty darn hot, though. You have to admit that.

As you can see, my userpage currently has a lot of ego in it. I'll work on it as soon as I can get off my lazy butt to edit this page. For now, this is just a placeholder template until I can re-write my userpage. While the re-write is happening, this article is a mess and a hodgepodge. Well, enjoy my userpage!

I'm just someone who wants Uncyclopedia funnier than ever. Unfortunately, I flucuate between having a sense of humour, and not having a sense of humour. As of February 21st, 2007, I finally rose out of my grave to do some more work on Uncyclopedia.

edit Pages I've Worked On and\or Created

edit Huge Contributions

  • 2000 AD - 2099 AD- Wrote stuff from 2000-2007 in this article. I also wrote a few things after that, mostly about Mad Max and his time-writing adventures. Yes, I was the wise (or not-so-wise) guy who put Mad Max into that article. Some of it was deleted, but most of it is still in the article. My work on this page will forever be in progress (Unlesss time freezes, which is unlikely. But then again, who knows what's going to happen in this wacky world (aka Dubyaland) ;)?).

edit Medium-Sized Contributions

  • CBC- Added some show titles to the Programming section of this article. However, most of those show titles sucked, and were huffed. The ones that were good and were able to stay are today my oldest surviving work on Uncyclopedia. I also added two quotes to the top of this page. One was huffed, the other was re-attributed but still stands otherwise intact.
  • Fox TV- Added some show titles to the Programming section of this article. Some of them were later self-huffed or huffed by a third-party, but the ones that remain are some of my oldest works.
  • Red Green- One day, I saw an "Ugly" template on it and decided to do something about it. Unfortunately, I forgot to format/correct a bunch of stuff on it. Fortunately, StormyD got the stuff I forgot about. Eventually, the "Ugly" template was removed and everyone was happy (at least until next time;)).

edit Uncategorized Contributions

I recently started a re-write of my userpage. For now, until I can categorize and describe these contributions, they'll remain in this section of my userpage.

  • My original crap concept has been totally changed for v2.0.

I've written still more humour/crap on this site. Go and look for it, because I'm too lazy to put it into my userpage for the time being;).

edit Thank You to the Following

“You have to give credit where credit is due because if you don't, then people will get angry at you.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Giving Credit Where Credit is Due
I think the section title and quote speak for themselves.

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