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“There's too many, and most of them are dreck.”
~ Tooltroll on Quotes in articles
“What kind of immature, pretentious egomaniac quotes himself in the liner notes?”
~ Tooltroll on Ronnie James Dio
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The Particulars, in no particular order


Tooltroll through South Park tinted glasses.

Hi. This is me. Who am I? I dunno. . . I guess I'm the kind of guy who writes a page like this. I'm not an autobiographer, so I suppose if you want to get to know me for some reason, you'll just have to read on and draw your own conclusions. Or peruse my talk page to get insights into my assorted neuroses, and maybe leave me a massage er, message. This page is mostly comprised of failed experiments, smart-assery, and cannabis fueled ramblings about whatever my fevered brain was free-associating at the time of writing. Mostly fat chicks. I like fat chicks. . . if you're a fat chick, I like you already, and will attempt to perform obscenely biological reproductory acts with you, should we ever meet in the flesh. More about that later, inevitably. For now, sit back, spark a doobie, and bask in the glory that is my collected incoherent ramblings. . .

Caveat Fornicator/Fornicatrix

I'd really rather you don't fuck with this page, or at least with the stuff I put on this page (Adding things, I don't really give a rat's ass, as long as you don't give a dingo's kidney about me possibly deleting it, heh.) Don't like it? Everything here is Somebody Else's Problem. . . and you're somebody else. . . go shit in your fist. Otherwise, register your beefs on my talk page.

Awardses, my Precious!

Visit my Trophy Room. Or not. It's not like you really give a shit.

Articles of Tooltrollization, Sec 1.



Music to soothe the savage breast annoy barnyard animals:

Since I was dumb enough to ask for an audio namespace, I've adopted it and started to whip it into shape. There's not much there yet, but here it is:


Edible Audible contributions


Shiny brass anvil

The Shiny Brass Anvil Award

Things oozed from a diseased mind:

In "Progress"

Typographical diarrhea I'm currently spewing:

Yes, I know that there's quite a few items here, which leads to:

Writing tip #1 - A particular idea may not be suitable for a particular article. Having several articles in progress increases the chance that a given idea will be usable.

Successful Vandalism

Contributions to others' articles the admins missed:

The Fridge


Where else do you hang artwork by idiot children?

If you finish the milk, don't put the empty carton back, And don't touch my last beer.

Idea Dump

This is where I'm storing various ideas, words, plots, phrases, concepts, notiions, conspiracies, acts of Bob, potential article titles, captured extraterrestrials and/or deities, and my lunch. Feel free to steal any of these, just strike it off the list and link it to wherever you used it.

  • I am Sparticles!
  • Scampering Elephant Ballet
  • The Quest for Jack Shit
  • Harm & Anger Killing Soda

Ground cerebrum, glazed in a white wine sauce, with broccoli, garlic, shallots, yams and chives, served at body temperature in a used rusty bedpan, and SPAM!

This is the rantin' an' philosophizin' section. . . I'm not trying to be funny, but you never know. . .


Fat chicks sign1

. . . soft shoulder; dangerous curves ahead. . .

To quote Oscar Wilde*: "Yes, fatties"

So I like fatties. . . (waits for shocked gasps to subside,) what's the big deal? "Oh," sez you, "but fatties are ugly! Ewww!"

Oh, really? And just where did your fuzzy little teen-age mind get that notion? Oh, yeah, right. Years of brainwashing by the media, parents and peers, on behalf of the marketing divisions of the fashion, fitness, diet, cosmetic, medical and other assorted industries. Oooo, what a good little robot you are! Multinational corporations are your friends! Yes they are! They don't care a whit about selling you (and everybody else and their dog) a bunch of poorly made crap you don't need- they just have your best interests at heart. You can trust them- corporate executives and stockholders are renowned for their generousity, honesty, and ethical uprightness. For Dog's sake, don't think for yourself! You might short out your neurons!

Yeah, right.

It's been a while since I've been in school, but you know, I don't remember coming across the FAT=UGLY equation in any of my math books. As far as modern science seems to be concerned, FAT=FAT, and UGLY=UGLY and ne'er the twain shall meet. . . Well, ok, yeah they meet sometimes: There are some horrifically ugly fatties out there, but then again, there's some pretty hideous skinnies, too. Beauty has nothing to do with size, or FAT≠UGLY. Is Saturn an ugly planet because it's so much bigger than the earth? I think not: Saturn is generally considered the most striking planet in the solar system, and nobody has suggested it go on a diet. (Pluto's downright anorexic!) Beauty is a matter of proportion and symmetry, and it's proportion and symmetry that lured me down the slippery slope to fatties. . .

The Twins

Next semester, we'll be discussing which cuts of meat are the tenderest. Now prepare for a quiz. . .

You see, I like big butts (and I cannot lie, you other brothers can't deny. . . but I digress.) But a teeny little chick with a big, fat ass looks off-balance and out of proportion. So you've got to add a little buddha-belly to offset the butt (but not so big that it hangs to her knees), or she'll be constantly falling on it. So now, you've got a skinny little chick with a big butt and a buddha belly. . . She looks kinda funny with those pipe-stem arms and legs, yes? Okay, let's beef those up some, and while we're at it, let's give her some bigger tits. (You did know that tits are mostly fat tissue, right?) What do we end up with? A chick that looks like that one, up there. . . who looks a bit like my girlfriend. In fact, she looks exactly like my girlfriend, since that is my girlfriend. (And yes, you are seeing double- we don't call it "photochop" for nothing.)

Now class, referring to the image above, what do we see? Well, the most obvious is the fat ass, which leads us to our first conclusion: Boy, does my ol' lady have a fat ass! I know it, she knows it, and there's no use being coy about it: I love her big, fat ass and I let her know it. . . in those terms. . . at least twice a day. It helps cut through the usual bullshit: For instance, if she asks me something like "Does this dress/skirt/pair of pants make my ass look fat?", I can truthfully answer "Yes" and she takes it as the compliment intended, (and I get laid.) Now, if you'll look slightly above the ass, you'll see something you probably weren't expecting on a fat chick: A waist. Well, whaddaya know! Fat chicks got waists! Which leads to another nugget of truth: If a chick has a shape, a chick has a shape. Overall width is secondary, and extra poundage will often accentuate an hourglass figure. A skinny chick with a shape like a ten year old boy won't gain wieght gracefully. . . she'll just look like a fat ten year old boy. Yuck. Next, just below the ass, note the legs. See how they taper? None of that "ankles overflowing the sneakers" here, just big, soft thighs proportional to the butt, with sufficient flexibility to wrap around my neck. Moving up from the waist, we see the aforementioned buddha-belly. It's basically an extra tit, bigger than the other two, just as soft, with a ticklish bellybutton instead of a nipple. Further up, we find the tits, which are pretty self-explanatory, as are the fuzzy bits lower down. Lastly, we come to the side-meat: All those soft little bloops are a source of endless entertainment, whether they're being pinched, poked or used as hand-holds.

I imagine, if you've read this far, most of you don't get it. You've got years of programming to overcome, and that kind of thing ain't easy. But ponder this: Chances are, statistically speaking, very few of us are going to date or marry a size 2 fashion model (ick!), since the average is size 12 (Google it yourself if you don't believe me- some sources say 14!) (For reference purposes, my gal above is 16-18, depending on the brand.) And the average is going up: In 1950, it was 8. . . at this rate, the average by 2060 will be 16-20. (I'm just ahead of my time, see?) So, chances are you're going to have to fuck a fatty, or join a monastery. . . Pie Jesu Domine, dona eis requiem (WHACK!). . .


What did the drummer get on his music exam?


How can you tell when the singer's at the door?

He never has the key, and he always comes in at the wrong time.

How can you tell when the guitarist's at the door?

The seventeen minute doorbell solo.

How do you make the bassist turn down?

Put sheet music in front of him.

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