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Gerald fitzedmund
The legend was wrong in that old Lightfoot song
and it sounds kind of downbeat and gloomy
the song, it is said, made 'ol Gord lots of bread
so he lives in a nice house that's roomy
Of forgotten lore there's considerably more
about Edmund and Gerald, the owners
a couple of pooves who had ore to move
even if they liked suckin' on boners

Well, Gerry met Ed while giving him head
through a glory hole in a gay disco
they started the date at a quarter to eight
by eight-thirty they were all out of crisco
When Eddie moved in it made Gerry grin
'cause he knew that he'd never go sexless
he'd grease up his pole and use any hole
or give his fair Ed a pearl necklace

Something went wrong with the beauty salon
where Gerry worked cuttin' and stylin'
in need of support he'd have to resort
to work for his rich dad doing filin'
Gerry and Ed eventually got wed
when they legalized bum-buddy marriage
His dad was ok that his son was so gay
so he bought 'em an ore haulin' carriage

Their ship sank it's true, but nobody knew
that it's name was, in fact, a misnomer:
as big faggots go, Ed was bigger than most
and Gerry, he had a tight sphincter
So Ed, though he spit to get it to fit
while he and his Gerry were wrestlin'
it just wouldn't slide so they had to switch sides
and the fact is that Gerald fits Edmund

Does anyone know how big a cock grows
when it's shoved up another man's colon?
it might fit all right or it might bo too tight
you never can tell without trollin'
But Gerry and Ed are happy in bed
because Gerry has no gag reflexes
Eddie is fine on the bottom all the time
'cause that's what he thinks that great sex is


Parody lyrics, & vocals: User:Tooltroll/sig

Spork This page was originally sporked from The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald by Gordon Lightfoot.

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