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As you may have noticed, Tompkins currently has no userpage, but this is all about to change... maybe. It has been decided that Tompkins will hold a new competition to design his userpage. He doesn't really care what it says or how it's designed, but the winner will be chosen on what the new userpage says, and how it's designed. Please enter your submissions in the Submission section.

edit Rules

Uhh... make it really super cool awesome. Tompkins enjoys either lots and lots of colors, or a complete grayscale. He also enjoys referencing to himself whenever he gets the chance. If you cannot think of a good userpage design please consult someone to do it for you. Tompkins hates crap. The weiner|winner will be chosen in due time... probably like 2 weeks, or whenever Tompkins feels there a re sufficient entries. You will receive your prizes shortly after this time.

edit Prizes

Tompkins love you long time.

edit Submissions

Please leave a link to your design (preferably a blue one) and your name... or a clue that would give Tompkins somewhat of an idea of who you are.

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