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Born the illegitimate child of a Japanese Schoolgirl and a Grue. Born with powers greater then normal, he uses those powers to fight good, evil, the Pope, Hentai Tentacle Rape Monsters, and Furries.

edit And So he Was Born...

While his mother was on a trip to Oregon in search of newer and greater Panties (Presumable to fight the ever present HTRM (Hentai Tentacle Rape Monsters) in her homeland) she stumbled upon a Grue cave. The Grue inhabitant had been quite lonely, and well... they had sex. Nine and 3/4s months later, Toloran was born. After which his mother was eaten by the Grue. Toloran was then raised by his Grue parent (it has yet to be deturmined wether a grue has a gender or not).

edit Childhood

He lived a relatively normal (for a grue) childhood. However, he was often shuned by his childhood companions for not being Grue enough. They often teased him by calling him a Eurg or other such dasterdly creatures. When he turned 14 he was told by his father that he was not, in fact, 100% grue and was in fact half Schoolgirl. This was a shock to him even though he, upon reflection, looked nothing like a grue. In fact, he didn't like eating people all that much either. He often would eat strange things such as vegitables and Pickles.

edit Early Adulthood

Upon turning 16 (the age at which a grue becomes an adult grue) left the cave. Upon leaving said cave, he discovered his first amazing power: He could walk in the light. It was then he decided to follow his mothers footsteps (which had been cut short by his father) and become a Schoolgirl. He proceeded to the nearest Quick-E-Mart and got a sex change operation. While at the store he discovered his second amazing power: Total Immunity to sarcasm, even extreme sarcasm.

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