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No, not real birthdays—the day you made your first edit here at Uncyclopedia. Please don't be offended if your name isn't here. If I know you, I've just neglected to add you. Help me by adding yourself.














1. ~ Mhaille: "Actually I arrived in May 2005, but didn't start editing until August... :)"
2. ~ MadMax: Edited anonymously for months before being dragged kicking and screaming to the login box.
3. ~ Rangeley: First anonymous edit was actually June 25th, coincidentally his real birthday.
4. ~ Ye Olde Luke: First anonymous edit, as First logged-in edit was 15 April 2007
5. ~ Moonzeppelin: First anonymous edit was on August 11, 2007 (what a time difference...)
6. ~ Faggle: First arrived on the site as MrMetalFLower
7. ~ MacMania: First anonymous edit on 7 Mar 2007. Also, nobody cares, but there's a MacMania over at Wikipedia that's been legitimately active since 25 April 2005. It is, in fact, me.
8. ~ Ethine: First arrived on the site as Vampiregirl. "Actually, I arrived back in December '06, was forced to make an account in '08, and didn't start doing anything until '09."
9. ~ RDB: I know I edited here anonymously for awhile, but I don't recall how far back it was. It was probably sometime before or around July 2006.
10. ~ Nachlader: First edit as Suckludus in 25th of June, 2005.
11. ~ Under user: Is awesome.
12. ~ E|M|C: Dead due to cancer.
13. ~ ColinAYB: Lurked for about 6 months before joining and doing anything.
14. ~ Lyrithya: Technically, my first logged-in edit was in July of 2009, but since I forgot about that account for about a year and made a new one, I'm going with the other one which I actually use.
15. ~ RabbiTechno: Edited as an anon I.P. 9th February 2006 before making an account.
16. ~ Black flamingo: I actually started as a registered user then slowly became an IP.
17. ~ Scofield: First edit was in my userspace. Unfortunately, when I tried to mainspace my work, it got ICU'd. The userspace copy still exists, though.
18. ~ TheSlyFox: I was a reader of this site way back in 2005. If I remember right, my first ever IP edit was on VFD (back when it actually accepted votes from IPs).









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