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“Bob Saget Once Sucked a dudes dick for some coke,Joe Richmond Sucked his own dick for a bottle of Captain Morgans”
~ Seth Rogen on on Joe Richmond
“Joe Richmond is so fucking hairy he has more hair around his anus than Santa Clause does around his mouth.”
~ Taylor Lawrence on on Joe Richmond
“Motherfuckers armpits are so hairy it looks like he has don king in a headlock”
~ Taylor Lawrence on on Joe Richmond
“Joe is so fucking hairy you have to wear glasses when you look at him to keep yourself from geeting rugburn, thats right man talk shit about my hairy knuckles again.I'll beat you down Robbie Williams style man.”
~ Robin Williams on on Joe Richmond
“The only funny bone in Joe's is my dick when im boning him”
~ Lance Bass on on Joe Richmond

Joe "Danger" Richmond, Also known as Mammoth Bones,Mountain Man,The Bum From Black River.Is a terrible musician,person, and has never had decent weed and therefore basically sucks at life.He picked these traits up from hanging around with significantly poor people,emo fags and chicks who could be seen cutting there wrists in pictures all over the internet.He is also known for taking part in skateboarding and heavy crying he did both at the same time once and broke his ankle.

edit At a Young Age

Joseph E.Richmond Born, Nov 16 1988.Joe is said to be the nephew of Chuck Norris because of his scraggly beard.This fact has been dissproven due to the fact that he is a complete and total middle school he started playing a wide range a sports ,but since he went to a poor school he was limited to football,basketball,and track.He mainly did this to impress dudes and get chicks so he could in time impress more dudes.By the time Joe was in high School he was so hairy you would swear he had been bitten by a by a werewolf,and not the cool ones from underworld the really gay one from Micheal Jacksons thriller.


edit Adulthood

It is said that Joe contributions to gay porn are comparable to what sisco and ebert are to hollywood movies.In the entire time that ive known joe he's been a friendly person too friendly.As a fact he was voted most friendly person in how school out of a class of 1400.Joe also was also homecoming king for basketball such facts are farther from the truth.Therefore leading me to believe that he has brainwashing capabilities.Though this is not proven its highly suspected by more than a few of his collueges for his innept ability to be cool one second and a whiney bitch another.

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