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edit History

edit Planning and Construction

The line was constructed as a result of several railway schemes failing to receive Parliamentary approval until the Marvellous Northern, Barnet & Strand (MNB&S) railway agreed to share its route with the Stamfordshire and Morden (S&M) as far as High Barnet, while the Waterloo to St Helena Railway (the "Napoleon Line") wanted a connection north of the Thames without going to Parliament for permission to build a new Thames crossing.

The compromise was that the S&M line would build half of a new circle line, through west London and connecting to the new North Pole Depot. It thereby avoided a new Thames crossing, except where it crossed the Thames. Unfortunately when the legislation was drafted, a copyist omitted these important details and the S&M and the WStHR were only authorised to connect stations north and south of the Thames via the North Pole.

This started a heroic era of Arctic and Antarctic exploration, and one of the most challenging civil engineering projects short of another Thames crossing began. The South Atlantic Tunnel from St. Helena to

edit Later developements

edit Infrastructure

edit Rolling Stock

edit Service Pattern

edit Signalling

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