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UGH! What the Hell?!

Thraeryn (sometimes known as Tim Thraeryn, Tim Thræryn, Thrae, Thræ, thareyn, &c.) is a dark, dangerous thing, moving swiftly and silently. As a nocturnal creature, darkness slipping through darkness, he would be unstoppable; however, being diurnal (and actually favoring noonday sun) his deadly potential is somewhat blunted. He can often be seen skulking in the quiet areas of KoL where he tries to avoid n00bs.

Thraeryn sometimes enjoys finding worthless articles with No Redeeming Value, retreating to his hole, and then swooping down and replacing the entire article with something long and rambling.

The easiest way to capture Thraeryn is to put a computer in front of him. The easiest way to incur his wrath is to make that computer a Mac. The easiest way to his heart is still through the ribcage.

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