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<code>''"DELETE INDISCRIMINATELY!!!!!!"''</code><br />
<code>''"DELETE INDISCRIMINATELY!!!!!!"''</code><br />
:<code>~ '''[[Special:Listusers/sysop|The Average Uncyclopedian Admin]] on Stubs'''</code><noinclude>
:<code>~ '''[[Special:Listusers/sysop|The Average Uncyclopedian Admin]] on Stubs'''</code><noinclude>

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~ The Average Uncyclopedian Admin on Stubs

A stub is a very short wiki article that does not have sufficient information on the subject it addresses.

edit Referring to the remaining short end after something bigger has been used up

edit Examples of stubs used in the modern day and the prognosis of what's to come

edit Why having less of something means you ultimately have more

edit As in the item part that's left of a check or receipt

edit Practical application as a way of retaining a record

edit Dangers involved with carry one or more of these stubs

edit As used in wikis

edit Historical usage

edit The gained value provided by wiki stubs

edit The banality of having stubs and how they inconveniently detract from what could be an acceptably sufficient article

edit As in the act of pulling something up by the roots

edit Just what is that something?

edit What if you're wrong about what that something is?

edit As in clearing something of weeds

edit Since I don't want to further explicate this meaning, here's a picture of a mechanized robotic dinosaur with the head of a smiling Bill Cosby


edit As in hitting your toe or foot against something accidentally

edit The standard reaction to doing it

edit What can relieve the pain

edit Why your live-in girlfriend had to use up all the damn Aspirin in the house

edit I work eight hours a freaking day and all I ask for when I come home is for some damn peace and relaxation and AT LEAST a decent walkway in this stinkin' house and you had to put the damn ottoman next to the fireplace just so that I would hit it and stub my fucking toe when just trying to bushwhack my way through this untidy mess you call a living room to get some damn firewood for what should have been a nice unwinding in front of what should have been a beautiful fire, but--No, no, no! I had to freaking stub my toe thanks in part to this shit and you can't even find some stinkin' Aspirin

I mean: is it too much to ask? Seriously? Too much to ask? Come on!

edit No, I wasn't yelling at you. It was just in the heat of the moment--I was yelling at myself. No, I swear. It was was just my inner monologue coming through my mouth.'s know I love you. You know I didn't mean what I said. I'm sorry--Hey, look, I'M SORRRRYY

Sorry you're such a bitch.

edit As in a short railway or bus

edit Wikipedia has one meaning, meaning "a piece of work of a greater calculation in distributed computing"

edit Yes, but what does it mean?

edit Nerdy Internet uses of "stub"

edit Method stub

edit Stub network

edit As in one used for impedance matching

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