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Thetruemariozplaze's favorite image
Born May 18, 1997 (Age 18)
Ohio, USA
Residence Florida, USA
Occupation Gamer, Amateur Website Developer, Student
Religion Atheist
No Wikipedia

The so-called experts at Wikipedia do not have a proper article about me. We are sorry they are this lame.

Thetruemariozplaze (also known as mariozplaze, Dubble Zee, or his IRL first name Zach) is an american gamer, amateur website developer and student, ALWAYS at the same time. He joined Uncyclopedia in the summer of 2012, but didn't become officially active until May 2014, and has been known to take extremely long hiatuses from the site.

edit Early Life

TTM was born to a loving mother and father in Ohio. They then proceeded to move to Connecticut where they...oh screw it nobody's going to read this any way.

edit TTM as a Gamer

TTM was originally planned to be raised as a prodigy at the french horn, but eventually realized that his destiny was to become the BEZT GAM3R EVAR when he discovered his parent's Nintendo 64 and started playing it. The almighty processing power of the console was enough to physically morph the young aspiring music genius' brain into the pile of mush that it is today that will never amount to anything. As punishment for ditching his life-long dream of playing the french horn, he was only allowed to play video games on weekends and was put on house arrest until he reached 7th grade. During this time period, TTM unsuccessfully made lasting friendships but gained L33T level gamer skills which will benefit him later on. Up until now, TTM has owned:

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This user can be found on Xbox Live. Their gamertag is Acadaemia Nut and they mostly play Battlefield 3, Halo 4, and Minecraft
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edit TTM as a Website Developer

In 2009, TTM discovered Ucoz, website creator that combines HTML coding with simple visual editors and a slew of tutorials that could allow any trained monkey to create a website. He then proceeded to make websites for the hell of it and really enjoyed it. He plans to earn a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and become a website developer in the future.

edit TTM's Time on Uncyclopedia

During the summer of 2012, TTM was bored...bored of all of his favorite and more conventional forms of entertainment. Youtube Poops were boring, memes...OLD! So, he registered for Uncyclopedia in hopes of finding something new! Alas, it was short lived...a month later he discovered Encyclopedia Dramatica and found it to be much more entertaining as he had the mental maturity of a 10-year-old at the time. After a great falling out took place on ED, he returned to Uncyclopedia a changed kid. He was ready to contribute to the only true satire wiki. And so in 2014, he made his first article, ROBLOX, with help and guidance from The Great and Honorable Spike, who took him under his wing the second he became active.

edit What is he doing now?

Right now TTM is preparing to go to college, become an adult, and try to escape from the hick town that he has been imprisoned in for the past five years that restricts his ability to express his true political orientation and religious beliefs (or lack thereof).

edit Friends of TTM on Uncyclopedia

edit His signature

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