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TheTeapot is COMPLETELY and UTTERLY insane. He is a discrace to society, and an utter moron.

Thank you.

edit History

TheTeapot has been living for 14 years, and has been involved in many disputes, attacks, assasinations, and teapotterizations. Here are a few:

edit Habits

TheTeapot is a mad idiot who decided to make his user page look completely weird. He happens to enjoy editing the articles teapot and patch.

edit Stats

Right|... moving on now...

edit Discraces (what would usually be awards)

Newcookie Midders has awarded you a cookie!
Now go play in traffic.

Random elvisRandom Elvis Sighting

In accordance to the August 20th celebration of International Random Elvis Sighting in Uncyclopedia Articles Day, Elvis has been randomly sighted in this Uncyclopedia article.

The King has left the building.

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