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Good evening gentlemen of uncyclopedia,

Whilst browsing your forums I came upon the knowledge of your conflict with Encyclopedia Dramatica. I know that ED can be a frustrating website to combat, but I have the solution for your problem.

The first solution is to contact the Swedish authorities. The website has recently changed host locations from Switzerland to Sweden. Sweden has over 9000 laws against defamation and libel, which ED is breaking as we speak. All one really has to do is tell the Swedish officials about ED and the server will have no other choice but to remove ED from the internet.

Another option is to harass the real staff of ED. Just look up "there is no joseph evers" and you will be given a wealth of info on the truth about the website and their members.

That will be all of my advice for now.

According to their facebook page, Encyclopedia Dramatica is now based in spain, though when you look up the IP of the site, the server is apparently in romania.

Regardless, here is a little more useful information:

[link redacted]

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