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TheNick606 Aka:Randomannoyance
Real Name:Nick Morgan
Gender: Male
Member since: uh... F*** if I know
Weight/Mass: 140ish
Occupation: Prefessional random debater
Favourite Article Game: Unreal championship
Favorite article: I don't choose favorites. they all equally suck balls in my book.
Least Favorite Uncyclopedia In-joke: Russian-reversal
IRC name(s): Thenick606, TheNick880, and of course Your mom's pimp
Weapon of Choice: Sniper Rifle
Stupidest Action: Creating a logout button on myspace. And you wonder why you can't do that? Well, I found a way. they blocked it a month later. Fuckers.
Infobox ripped off legally taken from High general Grue
Nuvola apps important orange This user should not be trusted.

just a random thing I made up.

Can you tell I was bored?

“If the under-pants knomes make underpants, does that mean that they are rivals to the Shirt-knomes? Or do they specialize in all clothing? Well, If they do, have them call me, I need a new button-up. And don't ever call the sock-knomes, they stole all of my hats.”
~ Me on Being stupid
“Your Mom has 20 Acres of Used parts!”
~ Me (shouting randomly at a commercial)

Am I a noob?

“Wow, now that's one nooby noob. Noobity noob noob noob.”
~ Prefessional on noobs

Appartently someone thinks im a noob XD WOO! Im a noob! some people need to grow up.

Still, it would be fun to be yelled at for doing everything wrong once again. Wait... that always happened to everyone else but me. Yell at me?

My favorite quote.

"To be ignorant of the time before you were born is to live the life of a child, forever." I forgot who made it.

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