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The Glorious and Democratic Republic of Tomainia is a land-locked European nation that has a long history of international and pan-European conflicts, and is currently ruled by the self-titled "Liberator, Freedom Fighter, Democratically Elected, Heroically Brave and Strong and Beloved Leader of all Tomainia and its overseas colonies as well as the People of Tomainia General Field Marshall Adenoid Hynkel. It is currently ranked as one of the poorest and most corrupt countries in the world, and has a low HDI of 0.262. General Hynkel has ruled over Tomainia for 13 years, and is seen as many as a corrupt and despotic megalomaniac, as well as a cruel and violent dictator that oppresses those who oppose his rule. Subject to much dispute in Europe, Tomainia is a secretive but imperialistic state that is has very hot relations with its neighbouring countries.

edit Geography

Tomainia is located directly in the middle of Europe, surrounded by culturally and politically-foreign nations such as Alpenstein (to the south), Bacteria (slightly further south than Alpenstein), Blitva (to the north east), Chernarus (to the east), and Evallonia (to the west). Of all its neighbours, Tomainia has only two allies, which are Bacteria and Alpenstein (both of which are also ruled by Fascist leaders like Adenoid Hynkel). Though not too large in area, Tomainia is divided into 76 provinces, half of which in the mountainous area south (Scaronia) bordering Alpenstein and the other (Blbec) in the north on the Tomainian-Blitvan Coast bordering Blitva. The nation has a temperate climate, but Blbec is well known to become extremely cold in winter.

edit History

The history of Tomainia stretches back to the pre-historic era, where remains of ancient Tomainianic tribes have been found across the country, especially near the Tomainia-Alpenstein border. Most notably of these is the discovery 20 years ago of a huge cave-city around 60 miles south of Bunich, the capital of Blbec. After a large scale archaeological dig, historians discovered a large phallic-headed statue of a man taller than 500ft. It is believed that this was one of the earliest pranks performed in history, and was used as an insult towards the deposed former leader of the Tomainianic people. In addition to this, Tomainia's dictatorial political tendencies seem to be deep-rooted into their history, as in this cave-city a government building was found, with propaganda promoting Babatucha - a pre-historic emperor known for his despotic and cruel reign - and attacking the idea of equality and freedom, that was chiseled and mosaic-ed onto the walls.

In the medieval times, the Tomainia was unified at the beginning of Olaf the Scared's reign as emperor of the Tomerainian Kingdoms. This short period of peace ended shortly when, after one of Olaf's well-known depressive episodes, ran away to Bacteria to live a life without pressure as a Casanova (he was actually the first documented pimp in history who ran a huge brothel in Pampadoria). The country then fell into disarray, and collapsed. Then ensued the 300 Year Civil War, where Tomainia was divided into two sides, one led by Olaf's son, the other by his mother. After 300 years of fighting, the descendents of the mother and grandson all died out in the Great Tomainian Plague of 1466. Following this, Blitva invaded Tomainia and conquered all of its land. This began the Tomainian-Blitvan conflict, which is still being the main cause of the war between the two nations today.

Blitva occupied and controlled Tomainia for 6 years, but a revolt in Bunich led to nationwide rebellions and the withdrawal of Blitvan troops (a rumour tells of a mass-poisoning causing chronic diarrhea in the Blitvan army, but due to Tomainian doctors refusing to help the ill, they had to retreat to get medicine from Blitva). After this period of conflict, a new monarch, Frederick X, and his royal family assumed control of Tomainia and ruled up until the beginning of the 20th Century.

The rise of Hynkelist Nationalism didn't really start until the late 80s, when Adenoid Hynkel and the Tomainian Popular Socialist but a bit Nationalist and Patriotic as well as Loving and Caring but Strong-willed Populist left-a-bit-but-a-bit-further-right Party first entered mainstream politics. That said, the party existed before Hynkel, but never became popular until his entrance into the Party. One could say, therefore, that the democracy after the 32 Year World War was successful, but once Bolshevism grew in Tukukussia and a violent revolution got rid of the Emperor Haydn the Retarded, Marxism spread to Tomainia, and a small revolutionary band known as the Spartacus International Support Group (after Spartacus, the Bacterian slave who led a revolt against the Bacterian Emperor) declared war on Tomainia and barricaded themselves in a Church in the Alpen Mountains. It resulted in nothing, but was the first time anyone fought against democracy in the 20th Century. Adenoid Hynkel, a young, pompous, and short but talented speaker who was of Alpensteinian origin, joined politics following the loss in the 22nd Evallonian-Tomainian Territorial War. He quickly became popular when Tomainia's economy failed, and was a hit with the older generation that liked a nutter raving about absolutely nothing, but offending everybody else anyway. He was voted into power in a landslide election, and celebrated by purchasing all the wine and beer of Tomainia (its only exports), and had it all finished in a huge party for billionaires and big business leaders. Hynkel has since kept a tight grip on Tomainia, and has persecuted against the Jews, having created ghettos for them to be segregated. He has also been to war with most of the European nations at least once in his rule so far.

edit Culture

Tomainia is known to have a very different culture to its neighbouring countries, and has a very different cuisine. Traditionally, people eat 6 times a day, each meal consisting of salami, bread, milk, and goats cheese. Music has been banned in Tomainia ever since Hynkel passed the I hate Music Act 1997, but many still see Tomainia as the centre of most modern music, as well as yodeling (which used to be a national past-time before Hynkel's rule). There is a set clothing scheme for men and women, with males being forced to wear lumberjack clothing and females traditional clothes on weekdays, and males traditional clothes on weekends (women must wear them at all times).

edit Film

Adenoid Hynkel has banned film production in Tomainia, but recently allowed it to restart but only under heavy government supervision. Such classics are 'Run away with the wind', 'The Grandfather', and 'Willy Plonka and his Chocolate emporium'. Though film production is not too frequent, Tomainian pornography has been immensely popular among people across the world; it is, in fact, Tomainia's number 1 export (due to Hynkel's party ruining alcohol production and exportation).

The Glorious and Democratic Republic of Tomainia
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