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  • If you want to know the features of GreaseScript, look here.
  • If you want GreaseScript, look here.
  • If you want to know why the hell you'd want it, read on.

edit About

GreaseScript is a script I'm working on. It does some useful things that I reckon you'll really like. I'll be working on it and stuff like that. Yeah.

I highly recommend that you have Firefox 1.5 or higher. Firefox is actually the most standards-compliant browser you can get for most platforms, if not the most compliant of all. IE7 might work, however, it's missing some things. If you have IE6, upgrade that chunk of shit right now. IE6 is probably one of the most hated browsers by the W3C, because it can't be arsed following standards.

I will probably be using AJAX soon (no, not the cleaning product), but I am only going to use XMLHttpRequest(). If M$ want you to use AJAX, they should stop their ActiveX MSXml Object bullshit and just comply. Microsoft, that trick doesn't work anymore. Follow the fucking standards OK?

If you're willing to steal my code, go ahead, but remember, everything added to Uncyclopedia is licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA, so you've gotta say that it's by me, and that it's CC-BY-NC-SA, and you can't sell it. Ha.

In short: GreaseScript is something that enhances Uncyclopedia without compromise.

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