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My feature queue ethos. It works pretty well for me, keeps the health at a good number, usually.

  • Try to give every feature the full, or near to full, 24 hour main page exposure. I'm more lax with my own articles because of humility and all that bullshit. If the Today's Feature slot hangs empty for more than 6 hours, don't bother featuring anything that day, let the prior feature enjoy its extra time in the sun and queue up for the following day instead.
  • If there is an article with a score of 14 or more anywhere on VFH, it takes precedence. If a 10+ nomination has health between 25% and 30% and there aren't any 14+ nominations about, then feature that instead. I call it the Reverse Darwin Rule; I think Chiefjustice does something similar.
  • If the average score drops below 9.5 and there are no nominations 14+ or higher, then start featuring every other day until score bounces back to 10.0 for at least 3 days (starting with the first day you feature and ending with the second feature) in a row.
    • Featuring every other day is not out of the ordinary. It helps keep VFH from overextending itself, especially in fallow periods. Featuring every day didn't even become ordinary until late 2007-ish, when our userbase was large and strong enough to make such a thing feasible.
  • Remove any nominations under 25% health, no exceptions. Go searching for new nominations if VFH falls under 20 articles. Try to play a game of moneyball with the health numbers (Did that reference make sense? I haven't seen the movie. Heard it's good though).
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