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edit darvill hunting

darvill hunting is a sport common to tingley wakefield this is where

you chase your darvill and

a darvill hunt in progress

beat him vigorusly anyway you like :D here is a guide how to start darvill hunting and make it a common sport

edit whats not a darvill

Fat guy big hamburger funfry resize

this is not a darvill too fat cant chase him u bints!

not a darvills
Fat guy and dog sized

not this either he is too busy with the dog if u no what i mean

not a darvills

not this either he scary :S

not a darvills

not a darvill he is armed

not a darvills

these are not a darvills

edit current darvill hunting champ

here is the one and only champ of darvill hunting the king of pity the queen of fools its MRT!!The mrt

edit what is a perfect darvill

well the perfect darvill is a wimp who is a bit moody or alot whatever you want but this is our darvill

yes he is a chavy little tart but he has all the makings of a perfect darvill

here are some others what fit the application


wow the one in red is our darvill but the other is his "friend" if u no what i mean


here cartman showin an example of a darvill


2 darvills on bikes

edit points

now the points a hit below head=1 point

                            a hit on head=2 points
                            a kick = 1 points
                            a kick or hit in nuts = 3 points
                            a kick in head = 5 points
                            a takedown = 5 points
           a takedown is were you ruby tackel your darvill to the ground

edit dont foget have fun

yeah dont foget to have fun and feed your darvill regually and try beat mrts score of 2147294829364927328 points at darvill hunting

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