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Gadzooks!   This user participates in
T h e   W i l d e   P r o j e c t !
(Or at least pretends to.)

TommyGun This user is part of the Family... You've been warned....

Cow Moo Cult
This user possess the newbie rank of Mud Grunt, is a Cult Peasant and have Cow Moo power over all non-cult members.

\m/ This user is a metalhead, prone to wearing offensive shirts and headbanging to really loud music. Metalheads also have long hair, but are not to be confused with hippies.
Eaclogo This user is a member of the Evil Atheist Conspiracy.

"We're after your children and pets."

Nothing to see here - move along. I am NOT an evil conspirator(contrary to the thingy above). I'm just an atheist who liked the template. And I am after your pets(don't you ever wonder what happened to pooch, your pet cat?) *Cleans blood stains on his shirt, vacuums the cat hair on the carpet, burps*.

edit My Quotes

“I think, therefore I am ...... I think ....... am I? .......... I think I am.”
~ Me on Me
“I think, therefore you are ...... I think ....... are you? .......... I think you are.”
~ Captain Not-So-Obvious on Me
“Of course he's only a prince in the ironic metaphorical sense of the word.”
~ Yettie on you...well actually "me" I guess...
“But of course, not using role-play on Uncyclopedia is futile, so who cares?”
~ Methy on This person

edit Potentially good stuff I'm working on

edit Some of the good stuff I contributed to:

edit Quotes I cooked up(at least, the ones I remember)

  • “I'm immortal! Ooooo - What does THIS button do?”
    ~ Stupid Nuclear weapon maker's last words on death
  • “I am sure that he's a she. Or she's a he. Or he's a she-terrorist.”
    ~ George W. Bush on Death
  • “He's a he. You think he's got some change?”
    ~ Barack Obama on Death
  • “I hope it's a he. Baby, don't you dare hit me one more time”
    ~ Britney Spears on Death
  • “I know it's a he, cuz tonight, we're dining in hell McDonalds!”
    ~ Leonidas on Death
  • “He told me he was male while we were playing Crucify the village idiot back when we were kids”
    ~ John McCain on Death
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