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edit Articles off my Userpage

edit Missle Annie Us

edit Templates to Use

edit Articles to think about

  • Land Jellyfish
  • Why? Get Adopted by Wolves
  • Beating The Dead Horse
  • Carlos Mencia
  • Why?: Get Assassinated?
  • Bullshit Authority Figure
  • Conformity
  • Aging
  • You're Mom
  • The Eucharist
  • Little Debbie (Montenegro)
  • Why?Picking on the Mentally Handicapped Makes you Cool
  • UnNews/UnBooks:Ted Koppel kicked my ass
  • Will work for food
  • UnNews: Pediatrician: Shape of hot dog should be changed because current shape is a choking hazard; Seriously though, your mother is dead
  • UnBooks: The Closet Homosexual
  • UnNews:Everything EVER is awful
  • UnNews:Leonardo DiCaprio goes four layers deep with Ellen Page, LOL
  • Horse Penis
  • Santa Claus
  • HowTo: Suck a Dick - The mental steps to take, not the physical

edit Articles I am thinking about Re-writing, but probably won't

edit Funny Concepts that I'll never do

  • HowTo:Write quick one-liners and hilarious non-sequiturs; A lesson in comedy by Modusoperandi
  • My visit with Uncle Mnbvcxz - A parody of My visit with Aunt Myfanwy
  • UnNews:That previous Halo 3 match, in which your team defeated mine, was complete bullshit.
  • UnNews:New acid-pizza said to be a hit with those who like acid, pizza.
  • Squash Casserole with Bacon! (NOW INCLUDES BACON!)

edit QVFD: Gradest HiTs

edit Arch Hives

edit Images to Use

edit Awesome Names

  • Applesauce McGee
  • Lars "Honey Buns" Anderson

edit Because English isn't confusing at all...

I am going to desert this deserted desert once people begin deserting the decertified dessert shop.

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