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edit A resident of The Metropolis of The Gauldry

Stubborn about living in the ever-increasing connurbation of The Gauldry, TwaFFs has travelled the world and enjoyed luxurious trips to many countries, such as Gibraltar (which is very near Glasgow), Moscow (which is just Southwest of Glasgow) and Paisley, which is larger than Glasgow and yet, returns to his beloved The Gauldry to stay.

A known player of music, rider of motorbikes, breeder of eagles and giraffes, TwaFFs also enjoys knitting and morris dancing. Morris initially protested very much at the idea, but is finally accepting that TwaFFs pogoing on his lower legs is just 'one of those things'.

A parody writer of no relation to McGonnagal (despite having Dundee ancestory), TwaFFs once wrote "The Silvery Tay, can be smelled in Gauldry". The proud levels of fame enjoyed by this catchy line have earned him no recognition.

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