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edit Office Space

Humour: 6 I am not saying that this is not a funny piece with this score. It was a perfect representation of the character. However, the character of Milton, to me, is somewhat one-dimensional (in this case, one who works best within situations, as a component of a group dynamic rather than a lead). I think the humor went as far as it could within the framework however, and that foundation is quite solid.
Concept: 8 As a concept piece, this is quite impressive. It arcs completely without straying from it's storytelling format, and perfectly embodies the voice that it's meant to portray.
Prose and formatting: 8 Also very impressive in that the character portrayal is delivered quite logically, and a structurally-sound way. The intelligence of the author shows.
Images: 6 I think just a liiiittle bit more creativity could've been applied, but I really have no major problems in this department.
Miscellaneous: 7 Link-jokes are on point enough for me, but a little more flare could've been added to the old suspenders.
Final Score: 35 Great entry. I think that without the confines of maintaining a character, the fine delivery and obvious understanding of humor that this writer possesses could be expressed in great ways.
Reviewer: THINKER

edit WikiLeaks

Humour: 3 In terms of humor, this article goes from weak, to confusing, to I'm not reading this anymore. If someone could explain what I'm missing, I'd appreciate it, but I'm THINKER, and thus do not feel like I'm missing anything.
Concept: 3 It's a very, very odd one trick pony founded on shaky grounds.
Prose and formatting: 8 This might be the most perplexing part of the article: it's really not written poorly at all. Sentencing and formatting are all perfectly on point. The content does not match the delivery and presentation at all.
Images: 5 As I don't know what they're supposed to be accomplishing, I can't really say. What I can say, is they're too small.
Miscellaneous: 3 All the fake links in here are a nightmare to me. I'm sitting wondering if my computer is on the fritz clicking away at links that don't go anywhere. I know your original review of this article was critical of red links (as am I), but fake linking not only frustrates me more (especially to the extent used here), but it also takes away from any possible legitimate link jokes.
Final Score: 22 It's presented like it should be good, but is, in fact, very strange and entirely confusing. Please use the structure and formatting skills on something with a bit more...sense.
Reviewer: THINKER

edit I'm stalking you

Humour: 2 This is an unfunny article based on an unfunny conversation.
Concept: 2 This is an unfunny article based on an unfunny conversation. Oh, and it's specific to Uncyc. I hate the meta around here.
Prose and formatting: 6 There are complete sentences. I'm being generous here.
Images: 3 That fucking blood splatter image has been played out since '06, and your b-boy doesn't impress me.
Miscellaneous: 4 There are links. I'm being generous here too.
Final Score: 17 I did not care for this article one bit.
Reviewer: THINKER

edit I'd Like to Talk to you about Jesus

Humour: 8 FUNNY! The idea of spinning the good old J-man on his ear is far from new, but I like the choices made here, and got some good laughs.
Concept: 7 As I said before, not completely original, but the humor carries the concept just fine.
Prose and formatting: 7 Due to the less-than-formal nature inherent within the piece, it might've been nice for it to arc a bit more in some way. It was kind of "I'm going to do this, I'm doing this, thanks for letting me do it." Again, not a huge bog of any sort, but with such good material there certainly could've been a few more avenues explored here. Formatting is fine.
Images: 6 With this type of piece, a bit more variance is called for in my opinion. Jesus, Jesus as super hero, WoW character, Jesus. See what I mean? It doesn't kill the article or anything, but it may have been nice.
Miscellaneous: 8 I marked up a bit here because I like the piece a lot, but this is the perfect article for citation references. So much could've been achieved with those here. But the links were good.
Final Score: 36 I feel like with just a little bit more input in certain areas, this could've been scored higher. However, I think the score reflects my liking of this one. Good stuff.
Reviewer: THINKER

edit Spittoon

Humour: 8 The humor in this is high-quality. The intro and a few other areas are a bit dense and can cause slight disinterest, but the humor that carries through the article is seriously on-point.
Concept: 9 Uncyclopedia needs more articles like this. This is the quintessential encyclopedic parody.
Prose and formatting: 6 This is a few of my criticisms lie. First of all, it is indeed very well-written material, and I respect it greatly. But with such good use of formal writing, the jokes have to be constant. With complex sentence-structures, there is a high potential for leading readers astray, which will cause them to tune out. Secondly, I could be a real prick and bomb this section over the article's ending. The end?! Are you kidding me?! You crashed the Aston Martin at the finish-line with that one. Get a see also section, get a references section, get something in there to close it out like a proper article!! Also caught a number of spelling mistakes, but I'm never too nit-picky about that, as I'm very often guilty of the same (as this lady loves to point out).
Images: 9 The images are fine. The captions are excellent.
Miscellaneous: 7 Still a bit pissed about the ending, but can't be too mad. And I wish there were some link jokes in there.
Final Score: 39 Besides the lack of completion, I think this article is excellent. Seriously quality work by a very talented writer. If I were still editing here I'd THINKER this article in a heartbeat.
Reviewer: THINKER

edit 33 miners were buried underground

Humour: 7 There are a few funny bits here and there, but honestly this is a very tough article to read, and as such, a lot of the humor is lost in the constant rehashing of the central theme.
Concept: 6 I think the idea of the concept of the article is a bit more humorous than it's actual presentation. And, though it's a good piece of satire encompassing criticism of every nation on the planet (it would seem), it doesn't make up for the fact that it's essentially an entire article of listkruft which comes dangerously close to the one trick pony border. May I also suggest moving this to the "Why?" namespace. It doesn't really feel like it'd belong in the main.
Prose and formatting: 6 The vignettes are well-written, but there are so many that it becomes a bore. That criticism can also be applied to the formatting.
Images: 8 I like the images and their captions.
Miscellaneous: 5 No real links to speak of, and again, just the overall piece is a hard-sell.
Final Score: 32 I'm sure there was a lot of work put in here, and it does show. I think if the author channels that effort, grasp of prose and sense of humor into something a bit more structurally-sound, the result could be excellence.
Reviewer: THINKER

edit Something

Humour: 6 So, I can only get behind this being the "Something" article about half-way. I think it's a funny joke in and of itself for the fact that it is, something, but then, lots of things are something...Hm. Anyway, as for the actual piece, it's cute, but another one tricker. Good bits of random humor, but not exactly inspiring.
Concept: 5 Again, the idea that this story article is "Something" is a 50/50 split as far as how I feel. And regardless, the why didn't you do your homework story is trite no matter how many twists you pulls.
Prose and formatting: 7 What's there is alright as far as prose. The formatting is alright, but again, it's more of cute gimmick than fulfilling read.
Images: 8 For a picture story, the pictures work well.
Miscellaneous: 5 There's not much to work with as far as link jokes, reference jokes, etc. But I wont pan the article since it isn't bad by any means.
Final Score: 31 A fun little article. Does it belong as the article for "something"? I don't know. Does it belong on Uncyc? Absolutely.
Reviewer: THINKER

edit The Adventures of Zombiebaron

Humour: 5 See comments in the Concept section. Those being said, the story is fine, but the laughs are not really all there.
Concept: 5 Okay, off the bat I have a problem with this entry. As a sort of "gateway" article (ie. article leading to other articles), it really shouldn't have been the entry. If I were a total prick, I could judge the entry solely on this article, as it was the one put forth for judging and not the real article that is supposed to be up for contest (UnBooks:Zombiebaron's Adventure To Asia). The fact that it links to an already-featured article could raise concern of disqualification, but again, I'm not a total prick and wouldn't suggest it personally. All that being said, everything in this critique will be applied to Zombiebaron's Adventure to Asia. And with that, I say that the concept is fine. Scene.
Prose and formatting: 8 The prose is quite sound. It's a well-written article to be sure.
Images: 7 Zb always comes correct with images. However, the captions are just so-so.
Miscellaneous: 8 Good linking, and I really appreciate this front and back cover thing you've got going now. UnBooks to the limit.
Final Score: 33 Good piece, but the whole article discrepancy and lack of belly laughs kind of put me off. Still a strong showing, and as always, I got love for that bumblefuck zombie.
Reviewer: THINKER

edit reptilian brain

Humour: 8 There is some very funny material in this article. If it were finished, I'd say it be high in the running.
Concept: 8 Fine, a subject deserving of a mainspace article.
Prose and formatting: 7 I really like the author's writing style. It delivers humor effectively without straying to far from logical delivery.
Images: 4 Not entirely impressive.
Miscellaneous: 3 And, it's unfortunately unfinished. Great use of reference jokes though.
Final Score: 30 Damn, I really wish the author had finished in time. See, the articles rubbing off on me! SEE! ughh..
Reviewer: THINKER

edit BabyTV

Humour: 8 I like it! I think maybe some feng shui with the arrangement of text-to-picture-waterfalls might've helped it read a little bit better comically, but overall I really enjoyed reading this one.
Concept: 8 A fine parody, with a nice arc.
Prose and formatting: 7 Okay, I marked high with this because it is very well written and combines comedic styles. But what the fucking hell is with these great articles just full-stop ending?! Its Uncyclopedia people! Endnotes, External links, see also!! Come on!!
Images: 8 Not only do I love the crazy kaleidoscope shots and their arrangement, but I it resolves so nicely with that second set. As I said, a little rearranging would've helped keep comedic momentum (as that first pic set is rather long), but overall we like it very much. Just like shoeblacking.
Miscellaneous: 6 Not much by way of link jokes, and a references section would've been superb in this piece. Oh, and did I mention that it just ends?
Final Score: 37 I really love this one. Again, if I were still editing here I'd THINKER this gladly.
Reviewer: THINKER

edit Dark Horse

Humour: 5 See concept section below. That being said, I must judge on content rather than the big-picture overview, and obviously there just isn't much there.
Concept: 10 Beautiful. The concept is seriously hilarious in and of itself.
Prose and formatting: 5 ...but as I said in the humor section, I cannot judge the broad scope, but must instead judge on the actual presented content. And there just isn't much to sink my teeth into here.
Images: 5 See prose.
Miscellaneous: 5 See Images.
Final Score: 30 Sprinkle breadcrumbs so you can find your way out of this maze of a review.
Reviewer: THINKER

edit Ozone

Humour: 5 Okay this is weighs quite heavily on my heart, as this is easily the most well-written article in the competition this year. Now I'm a somewhat intelligent person I'd venture; that being said, I can't pick out anything specific in this piece that made me laugh. The concept is funny enough (ozone both killing humans while simultaneously protecting the planet), but nothing else really jumped out as a gut-laugh in this very, very dense article. Now I will save for the possibility that this is some ultra high-brow scientist humor which astrophysicists the world-over are dying over. However, I'm just THINKER, and this is just my man-on-the-street opinion.
Concept: 8 Another fine parody article on a subject which deserves a quality piece of writing. Oh, and it ACTUALLY HAS AN ENDING!
Prose and formatting: 9 Reads like a college textbook, which would be great, if the information had more jokes. Again, it could be hilarious to Einstein, but for me it's just a very weighty endeavor reading this level of written sophistication without the payoff of hilarious jokes to make it worthwhile. Completely structurally sound, however. Well-delivered.
Images: 5 In relation to the article, the pictures are all quite fine. But again, as I said about the article's text, there just isn't much there for me to look at and say "HA! That made me laugh!"
Miscellaneous: 8 This is obviously a well-made article. And as I have said like twelve times now, it may just be too erudite even for mighty THINKER. But it has lots of links, references, and is presented with great finesse.
Final Score: 35 If it was funny, it'd be tens across the board.
Reviewer: THINKER


Humour: 6 The problem with imitating an unfunny n00b is me having to read the imitation of an unfunny n00b.
Concept: 6 Meta, sitekruft, one trick pony.
Prose and formatting: 3 See humor.
Images: 3 Unimpressed.
Miscellaneous: 3 I think this is aimed at some other user, and I really don't care about such squabbles.
Final Score: 21 God I'm glad to be done judging this shit.
Reviewer: THINKER

edit BP did it

Get the fuck out of here.

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