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The Beatles were a British death metal band from Liverwurstpond, England. They are most famous for their songs about octopuses, and killing people with hammers. One of their most famous songs was "Yesterday (Paul was alive. Now he's dead)."

edit Members

The members of the band were the bassist & singer, Paul "Motor-fingers" MeccaCartney, the rhythm guitarist & singer, John "Vladmir" Lenin (Often mistakingly spelled Lennon), the lead guitarist, George "Hindu" Harrison, & the drummer Ringo "Highway" Starr, (whose combination nickname & last name would later become a big hit for Deep Purple.)

edit History

The band who would go on to to one of the most popular in the world had simple roots. The band started in 1958 with just Paul & John in a simple pop group. They were then able to acquire drumming virtuoso Ringo Starr in 1959, who needed a quick band due to a fast decrease in record sales. Finally, in 1962, they added guitar newbie, George Harrison. It was from Harrison that the band took a musical turn to metal. They decided on the name Beatles, due to the amazing beats of Ringo Starr.

edit Discography

Please Beat Me (Off)
Within the Beatles
A Hard-on Day & Night
Beatles For Hire
Help!(I Broke My Penis)
Revolver (I Put It To My Head)
Sgt. Murder's Sexy Blood Gun Gang
Magical Mystery Tour
Lola versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One
The Beatles (The Red Album)
Black Tank
Tiananmen Square
Let It Be (And Let's Fornicate)
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