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I am The Pancake Man and I am the Mayan god of pancakes and Tupperware. I was born in about 304 B.C., in a mud shack in the outskirts of Cleveland. Growing up my parents fed me gasoline (dame mas gasolina), McDonalds french fries, and Lucky Charms. My parents both fought in the legendary and brutal War Of The Sporks in 32 B.C., and after they were deported to Hell (aka Idaho), I was left alone. I was then raised by a talking rat, until I went to Mexico, and became a god. Anyway, I became rich as a god, and decided to move to Khijjkio34, a small, icy planet in the Diiusxxiousxz Galaxy, where I still reside today. I live with my wife and 78 kids, and we are very happy. The only problem we have here is the shortage of chocolate pudding which we need to survive. My idol is the superhero, Billy McShits.If you ever see me, I will likely be eating pancakes, and wearing a baseball cap, sideways, like a gangster. I also have my own holiday, International Pancake Day, which is celebrated annually. If you want to worship me, feel free.

would there happen to be a photo of this so called Pancake Man??

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