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edit WTF

WTF? Good question.

edit About The Knowledgizer

The knowledgizer is all powerful and all seeing. He occaisonally uses said powers for evil e.g gossip and blackmail of high class citizens; hacking into the FBI's most wanted list and adding people to the database and bog standard perversions of all sorts. However most of the Knowledgizer's time is dedicated to finding out facts (usually false ones) and ridding the world of small children in his Monster Truck.

The knowledgizer enjoys jokes that offend a lot of people. If you know just such a joke please post it here

edit My Heroes

  • Satan - Wise man, often misunderstood.
  • Hitler - Wise man, often misunderstood.
  • Myself - See above.

edit Bitches I Plan to Some Day Run Over in my Monster Truck

  • Paris Hilton - Whiney blonde bitch.
  • George Bush - Duh. May recieve backlash from Texas but screw them. Inbreeds.
  • Einstein's Brain - It's around somewhere and it's pissing me off.

edit Pages I Have Created

Eva Longoria

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