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I am no longer active here. I am more or less active at Illogicopedia, a wiki dedicated to more or less random nonsense.

As Uncyclopedia has a much, much tighter "quality control" and rejects things not deemed funny enough, if there is something you care for here that is sufficiently nonsensical, there is the possibility of moving it to Illogicopedia. (if you want to do the importing yourself, you can use the "pointless mirror site" of Uncyclopedia to retrieve deleted articles)

edit Main Index

edit Things You Should Not Know

The homicidal screaming carrots are after you! Run! RUN!!1! (or they will brutally poke you to death while emmiting their horrifying, thin, whiny, high-pitched screams)

Should you ever be trapped by them, you can defend yourself by chewing on them. (just don't swallow them, or the whiny screams coming from your stomach will soon drive you insane) Not that it will help you, in the end.

Some redirects made by me contain hidden messages.

edit Clutter

This is where to create a jumbled mess, should you feel like putting templates or other things on my page.

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