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“Yeah, I was a Baker Street Irregular once. Let's just say that I did more for Sherlock Holmes than just run around and play reconnaissance for him...”
~ Oscar Wilde on The Baker St. Irregular

A The Baker St. Irregular in her natural element. Notice the shameless fangirl-ism that rampages throughout this picture.

A The Baker St. Irregular is an American female of around 19 years of age or so. Her intents for Uncyclopedia are sketchy at best, mostly because this her first experience with a wiki and she has no fucking idea what to do or how to do it. It is believed that she has several ideas for potential Uncyclopedia articles, such as one about Robot Chicken or HomeGoods or Gankutsuou, but so far, she's only been able to make a Sophia Mii on her Wii.

Aww, shit! Talking Writing about myself in third person is so fucking pretentious. I would so very much like to be clever and funny and such, what with this being Uncyclopedia and all, but I just can't seem to get into the right frame of mind...

edit Good Things for Me to Do

Ah-hah! I've got a fantastic idea. I'll make myself a little list and then extrapolate from there.

  • Make up WAY more Oscar Wilde quotes.
  • Take off my top. Whoo!
  • Not reference Chuck Norris.
  • Pretend I absolutely understand AAAAAAAAA!.
  • Shout "SPOOGE!" at some old women and run away twittering.
  • Compromise a CIA agent.
  • Teach my cat how to steal cable TV.
  • Set this page on fire.

But in reality, all I'm really going to do is

  • Click the Random Page button over and over and over for the better part of an hour.

edit Also

I should put something here, huh? These big, page-separating titles are used for important things only, and this doesn't seem very important at all.

edit Also, Also

Also, if you happen to stumble upon this page, please tell me about it. Or anything. Anything at all. I'm very lonely. :(

For shits and giggles, here's my subpage, too .

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