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TheJeeMan Jesus loves this user, and has blessed this page.
TheJeeMan This user is a Creationist.
...who believes that all decent articles are created by one, and only one user.
This user is a member of the Uncyclopedian Army.
And is pwning vandals for our nation!
Windows Logo This user uses Windows because he or she can't get enough of your lover.

Chromelogo This user uses Google Chrome, because it's Google.
Tux-thinkpad This user supports free operating systems because he/she is basically a cheapskate.

en-4 This user speaks English at a near-native level.
ht-3 This user is able to contribute with an advanced level of HTML.
fr-2 This user is able to contribute with an intermediate level of Français.
cpp-1 This user is able to contribute with a basic level of C++.
java-0 This user does not understand Java and hates people that speak it because they're all annoying foreigners.
Bushsix This user plays cricket, because it is superior to baseball.
The-best-defense This user plays rugby, because it attracts chicks and kicks ass.
Grandpiano This user is a big pianist, and as such believes they are better than all other musicians.
Blackknight This User has never been punished on Un-Bestiary. Learn from their actions and act like them.

Exquisite-kfm home This user prefers to play games on a PC as anything else is too complex.
Lovejoybox This user is a Christian

(as long as they put a dollar in the box)

No Wikipedia
This user does not have a user page at Wikipedia because he or she thinks that they take things way too seriously over there.
This user is a drill sergeant and just loves to turn n00bs into real men!
This space for rent.

\left[ \frac {\mbox{ white }}{\mbox{ red }} \right ]
This user is from wonderful Poland
...and is out to get your teen daughter!
(List all Poles infiltrating Uncyclopedia)

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The C Language -
The R Sign
Poitin Brewery
First Poiting Brewing

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Random Stuff!

Russian talk:

“In Soviet Russia, bollocks hears YOU!!”

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