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edit What the hell are you doing here?

I'm some moron who got here hoping he could be funny on some site where pople are supposed to be funny. I wrote that article on Toucan Sam that nobody saw. If somebody wants to upload a picture of Toucan Sam there that'd be great. Because I don't know how because I've never really done much with wiki sites.

Please be a better wiki user than I am.

However, don't try to be better than me at anything else. Because I am better than you in every way possible. This formula proves it.

your awesomeness + 3000 = my awesomeness

See? It's proven by science. And what is science? Absolute truth- that's what it is. I'm just better than you. That's all there is to it.

I killed Bambi's mother. I made Simon Birch sick. I apparently also shot Santa Clause in the knees. I read. Get over it. I'm better than you are.

Also, I made this video and put it on the God page in a cheesy attempt to boost views. Hey! I can post it here too!

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