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Unsoc poster 9

~ Bitchy Russian Professor on Foxy's Quotes.

Warning! This page is extremely random! Anyone with Asploding Head Syndrome should vacate this area immediately! Here is where you will find the worst of the worst on Uncyclopedia. Now mere shells of what they once were, they are simply bits and pieces of delinquent, hopelessly lost or criminally insane articles. All examples were rescued from QVFD, VFD and ICU when their demise was imminent, all for the sole purpose of pointing and laughing at them.

Bad articles! Go sit in the corner! No, not you Shaun, you haven't had your medicine yet...

edit Airsoft

From ICU.

"...Before airsoft was invented there was a guy called chingchongsushiyaya yumumumumpingpong from japan who thought " i need to make sure no one does banzai attacks again so we japanese dont die for nothing , he got a sniper rifle out and shot one guy who was banzaing him , unfortunately it was a real gun ....and he was arrested for life for killing his brother in law sad sad world."

edit Anti-cube technology

From VFD.

"The cube is really the home of the Borg but Data farted at them and it blew them all up."

edit Senses

From VFD.

"...A good way of simulating senselessness is by submersing yourself in a bath of molasses and trying to jerk yourself off without drowning."

edit Sonnet 116

From VFD.

“Trite douchebaggery, unfit for civilized Times.”
~ Ye Old English Conservative

edit Shaun Wright-Phillips (Symbol wtf vote WTF?)

From QVFD.

"Shaun Wright 'Anonymous' Phillips is a semi professional footballer who resides in Manchester... It is also rumoured that Manchester City (or Arab Oil Ltd.) boss Roberto Machete is the uncle. A lot is not known about what's his name Phillips, due to the disappearance to Russia... After his 3 year disappearance, Manchester Shitty found him and Italian boss Machete continued to inspect his anus- footballing ability, before signing him as his rent boy."

edit Template abuse*

From VFD.

*This one is so awful it actually requires its own page to contain its awfulness.

edit Laws of Anime Physics

From VFD.

"4KidsTV = terrible rock intro2 + "Alright!!!!!" - boobs - blood + suck12."

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