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Agent: 268952-34: SCULLY, DANA

Report: 89

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You are about to view a confidential file of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Accessing of this file by non authorized persons is a felony which may be subject to prosecution in a Federal Court.

edit Hey!

Navi the Immortal is a name for the supposed embodiment of a person's conscience. While a conscience is a sentient being that all life forms are guided by, most humans are content with how it stays hidden in the subconscious mind. My partner, Agent Mulder asserts that the conscience is not a human trait, but an artificial intelligence program implanted by extra terrestrials, but such claims have not proven substantial. A small portion of unfortunate souls who have been abandoned as a child, raised in a hidden village of leprechauns tucked away in a forest, have been known to have their consciences spring to life in the physical form. This form is referred to as Navi by the ancient Native American Hyrulian tribe. In the now-forgotten Hyrulian language, "Navi" is said to mean "woman of perpetual annoyance."

edit Listen!

Navi has been called The Immortal for the simple fact that once it has taken form, it cannot die. While it may occasionally hide itself from view, it never leaves a person for the remainder of his life. Occasionally, the Navi has been known to stay behind after its host dies, haunting the location of death as a phantom spirit. Whilst driving in close proximity to a tribal burial ground, I could not help but notice faint cries of "Hey! Listen!" in the distance. Agent Mulder failed to notice due to his insistence on listening to the Spice Girls on his ipod and singing to himself "Yo, I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want, So tell me what you want, what you really really want," etc. Sometimes I worry about him.

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Cases that mention Navi are scarce, with only two X-Files specifically mentioning her.

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