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I LOVE SHIMANTO (I Love しまんと ), a Train Animal, runs on Yodo Line connecting Kōchi and Ehime prefecture in Japan.


I Love Shimanto 01

SHIMANTO has good cheer today

Perhaps you know, I love SHIMANTO. You can see a photograph of SHIMANTO on the right. How lovely she is! Although her formal name is "I LOVE SHIMANT," people came to call "SHIMANTO." The reason is that the name which consists of four syllables like "Pani Poni" or "Lucky Star"(RAKISUTA in Japan) is cuter than that one. Note that she is unrelated to the famous Shimanto river flowing in Kōchi Prefecture.

SHIMANTO is a Train Animal. It is a cousin to the terrible tank engine including Thomas and has life. A spirit of one otter fell down from sky and has dwelled into her body while she was being transported from a train factory to which JR Shikoku (one of Japanese Railway Company) ordered it. This is the story of her birth. By the way, Grue is her other second cousin.

JR Shikoku focused attention on her cuteness, and operated her as advertising express train from 1997 to 1999. Although her running speed (30 miles at the average) was in the slowest class of express, there was no choice because she half was originally otter. She complained to nothing and was engaged in her work everyday.

I Love Shimanto 02

SHIMANTO gazes something


You, a clever reader, also know that you love SHIMANTO. She became popular due to cuteness on her running slowly and was filled with passengers day after day. Her popularity was superior to Trolley's, a famous roller coaster on Yodo Line. We were able to see as common scenery that she was being passed by it slowly. She still complained to nothing and was engaged in her work everyday.

Shimanto Icon 02



SHIMANTO is pretty as icon image. He also loves SHIMANTO. She retired from her work in 1999 and is spending a rest of her life relaxedly with her companion otters at mount Takanosu. However she sometimes comes to each station of Yodo Line in order to meet to us. By the way, who is HE?  I wish you know.


Now you know it. We certainly love SHIMANTO.

I Love Shimanto 03

SHIMANTO is blushing a little bit in morning sun

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