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edit Who?

ThePaleOne ( Lead Artist Pirate Master Executive Director Lord Edward Sortenburg Van De Wallen Thomas Fucktard Smalls, the Third, DDS Ph.D MPO VIP STFU CEO COO VP P ) is an Uncyclopedia user who uses only IRC and does not edit articles. Why doesn't he edit articles? Simple, because he just doesn't have the will or power or willpower or ample amounts of whores and alcohol to do it.

edit When?

About the 1900's. Anywhere in that century. ThePaleOne has no age, as he is a time traveler. He recived his Ph.D at the Wolfgang Skullthumper Institute of Internet Stupidity in 19,992, where he graduated with a C+.

edit Why?

Good question. All Information regarding me can be found here

edit How?

ThePaleOne was Euthanized as a small child, but this angered and displeased The almighty and powerful lords of the internets, so his spirit was sent into the IRC, never to come out again.

edit In Case you Missed it

He is very Important


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