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Lousy black

I played bass for breifly in the early '90s but had to quit when Jason Newstead's chin pom-pom went into heat.

edit Introduction to Me

Well well well, we have our very own User Pages. Great. Yet another freakin' profile to fill out, as if there weren't already enough pseudo-lifeforms floating around on The Internets to plug our holes with lies. So here I have to tell you all about myself, hmmm?

edit For Starters

“Born on a mountain, raised in a cave; fishin' and fuckin' is all that I crave.”
~ Les Claypool on his antisocial network About Me section

For starters, I'm one of those people that nobody "gets." I'm the Y in "A.E.I.O.U. (and sometimes Y)." I'm the sesame seed on the bun, and Uncyclopedia is the sesame seed glue. I'm just another time-wasting loony who doesn't fit in anywhere, so I probably will fit in here just fine. Wonderful. It's nice to fit in sometimes.

“I am the Antipop! I'll run against the grain 'til the day I drop!”
~ Les Claypool on furniture refinishing

edit You're a Boob, and I'm a Noob

Things are going to start of very slowly on here for me. I've got way too much other crap to trifle with, as well as many rifles to fart around with. I'm an old fart who sometimes craps himself too... So if I don't do a whole heck of a lot interesting, too fucking bad. I'll eventually learn everything I need to know to make some decent articles. Either that, or I'll just get bored to tears with this whole sheebang and just drop the potatoe right here.

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