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Flappy woo-ha is a term with little significance or meaning in any known language. Despite this, it is one of the most commonly used non-existent "words" in several Germanic languages (including English and Jibberish), right behind "diddley boom-boom", "Icky Thump", and "f'tang". Because it is not a real word and refers to nothing, it is undefined, though is generally considered a noun, and as such can refer to any number of things.

Linguistic historians have vaguely traced its origins to one unnamed individual. This man, on the afternoon of February 30th of 1662, bellowed out, "Flappy woo-ha!" at a royal luncheon in France. Eyewitnesses testified that his exclamation was in fact his reaction to the hot croissants. Royal chefs believed the exclamation was a negative critique of their food, and he was consequently guillotined for his outburst.

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