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grabbing this log for Cainad's chronicles...

 	* Arlon99	is bored.
	* Arlon99	may start to sing Metallica.
	-->|	Benson (n=63f816cb@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ has joined #uncyclopedia
	<DrSkullthumper>	Benson!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
	<Benson>	omg where?
	<Benson>	someone say something funny
	<Arlon99>	goatse
	<DrSkullthumper>	Goatse is work safe if you're a proctologist.
	<Arlon99>	lawl
	<TheLedBalloon>	BENSON!
	<TheLedBalloon>	praise you or something!....?
	<Benson>	ya that thing
	<Boomsta|Out>	No.
	<Benson>	sacrifices plox
	=-=	Boomsta|Out is now known as Boomsta
	<TheLedBalloon>	so Benson, are you THE Benson?
	<Benson>	ye yo
	<DrSkullthumper>	Benson: Identify to services then
	<Benson>	whats that mean
	===	bens There was no such nickname
	---	bens End of WHOWAS
	===	Benson <n=63f816cb@gateway/web/cgi-irc/> “[”
	===	Benson: member of #uncyclopedia
	===	Benson: attached to “”
	---	End of WHOIS information for Benson.
	<Benson>	splain
	<Boomsta>	He wants you to service him.
	<Benson>	okey dokes
	<Pinkeh>	!benson
	<DrSkullthumper>	/msg chanserv identify password
	<PinkServ`>	GOATSE
	<TheLedBalloon>	*bow chicka wow-wow*
	<Arlon99>	!spang
	<Benson>	one service coming up
	<Benson>	you might wanna shut your eyes and your blinds
	* TheLedBalloon	makes a mental note to add this to Cainad's Chronicles
	<Boomsta>	TheLedBalloon: Maybe.
	<Arlon99>	I'm bored
	<Benson>	same here
	<Benson>	you think itd be more fun early monday morning
	<Boomsta>	More like late at night, foo's.
	<Arlon99>	It's 9:40 for me.
	<Boomsta>	foo*
	=-=	Arlon99 is now known as Arlon|Bored
	<DrSkullthumper>	TheLedBalloon: Shame that not a lot of people are answering your question
	<TheLedBalloon>	yeah, but what can you do?
	<DrSkullthumper>	Kill people to set an example for the general population
	<TheLedBalloon>	I was gonna say "make a few socks," but your idea is cool too....
	<TheLedBalloon>	Benson: EST?
	<Benson>	of course
	<Benson>	thats the cool time zone
	<TheLedBalloon>	woo!
	<TheLedBalloon>	I'm in that one!
	<TheLedBalloon>	woo!
	<Boomsta>	Come on, the name sucks.
	<Boomsta>	Eastern and Central are both boring.
	<Benson>	don't you hate it when those central or pacific losers talk about it being early?
	<Arlon|Bored>	....
	<Arlon|Bored>	Pacific losers?
	* Arlon|Bored	punches Benson
	<TheLedBalloon>	what are you, Boomer? "Mountain Time?"
	<TheLedBalloon>	pfft
	<Arlon|Bored>	I live on the West Coast, dipshit.
	<TheLedBalloon>	talk about names sucking
	<Boomsta>	Yes, I am TheLedBalloon.
	<Arlon|Bored>	@ Benson.
	<Boomsta>	You got a problem with that?
	<TheLedBalloon>	<TheLedBalloon> talk about names sucking...
	<Boomsta>	I was.
	<Boomsta>	Like Eastern and Central.
	<Boomsta>	What's your point?
	<Benson>	i heard that people on the west coast are on average 6 inches shorter than everyone else and lack the need for hygiene
	<Benson>	can you confirm or deny this?
	<Arlon|Bored>	hmmm....
	<Arlon|Bored>	For some people.
	<Arlon|Bored>	For myself, no.
	<Boomsta>	I heard that people on the west coast live closer to Japan.
	<Boomsta>	Does that make Pearl Harbor your fault?
	<Arlon|Bored>	stfu
	<Benson>	it's certainly not japan's fault, so I'd say yes, yes it is
	<Boomsta>	Just as a I suspected.
	<Arlon|Bored>	stfu
	<Benson>	NEW XKCD i forgot
	<TheLedBalloon>	it wins, just like all xkcd
	<Benson>	meh not so good
	<TheLedBalloon>	aww, I liked that one
	<TheLedBalloon>	although I think the alt text could be better, personally
	=-=	Arlon|Bored is now known as Blind_Wolf
	<Blind_Wolf>	mwahaha
	<TheLedBalloon>	because that would require effort
	<Boomsta>	Ah, point taken.
	<TheLedBalloon>	and effort is not my shtick
	* DrSkullthumper	returns to writing what is looking to be a novella
	<DrSkullthumper>	Because it'd just be tl;dr?
	<PrincessCaitlai>	hmm.
	<Boomsta>	Yes, but it'd be tl;dr in /style/
	<Blind_Wolf>	ahem
	<DrSkullthumper>	Boomsta, should I copy and paste my 25-page-story into an UnBook and see what happens?
	<Blind_Wolf>	I need to get the convo going....
	<Blind_Wolf>	WWW.4CHAN.ORG
	<DrSkullthumper>	ICK
	* Blind_Wolf	hides in a fallout shelter
	<DrSkullthumper>	SURELY YOU JEST
	<Boomsta>	DrSkullthumper: If you do that, I will VFH it.
	<DrSkullthumper>	Boomsta: This could be the dumbest thing I've ever done.
	<Boomsta>	Isn't it exciting?
	<DrSkullthumper>	Hang on, lemme bring it up
	<Boomsta>	Plus, people are complaining about VFH being slow.
	<Boomsta>	Let's shove this in their faces.
	|<--	werdan7 has left (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
	<DrSkullthumper>	Almost there...
	-->|	OFS ( has joined #uncyclopedia
	<DrSkullthumper>	Boomsta, you ready?
	<Boomsta>	Yup!
	-->|	witt (n=chatzill@ has joined #uncyclopedia
	<DrSkullthumper>	You realize we might cause serious drama?
	<witt>	Hahaha
	<witt>	Who killed my father?
	<Boomsta>	So?
	<witt>	Hey
	<witt>	omg
	<witt>	Benson?
	<witt>	oh shiii
	<Derrick_C>	you mean oh shit?
	<witt>	shiiiii
	<DrSkullthumper>	(diff) (hist) . . N UnBooks:The Frogs‎; 00:58 . . (+69,661) . . Dr. Skullthumper (Talk | contribs) (I've been dying to know what would happen if I did this. Also, I totally do NOT release this under any license thingy ma jiggy. Deal.)
	<DrSkullthumper>	Boomsta: It's up
	<witt>	Where's rcmurphy
	<DrSkullthumper>	On a 2-year trip somewhere actually
	<witt>	I need to yell at him about something
	<DrSkullthumper>	In all seriousness
	-->|	SF|008 ( has joined #uncyclopedia
	<witt>	Why so serious?
	<witt>	I want rcmurphy now
	<DrSkullthumper>	We all do.
	* DrSkullthumper	nudges Boomsta
	<Boomsta>	2 years??
	<Benson>	serious? where'd he go

And that was the last time he spoke before I had to sleep.

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