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edit In Between the Two

edit Background in Comedy

I've been in sketch comedy - officially on and off, unofficially just on - since 2006 when I created a college sketch group with a few friends. We were stagnant for a year before we got kind of serious and had a good run for a semester and a half, with our live shows drawing larger crowds than the long established improv group in under 6 months. Then I split from the group for what we announced were "creative differences," but were really problems stemming from the fact that I was usually the only one at rehearsals and was sick of winging "pre-written scripts" in front of 200 people without a background in theater. A year of solo writing, during which I also took a college course on comedy, then another sketch group that came out with a video, but which fizzled shortly thereafter. Another year of solo writing, and a moderately successful crack at stand-up comedy. Present day. Yeah, not too much here.

edit Thoughts on Comedy

It's serious shit. There are no philosophical or psychological theories that adequately explain laughter or comedy. Hobbes' Superiority Theory, Kant's Theory of Incongruity and Freud's idea that laughter is the release of social tension all fall apart at some point or another. Tina Fey's impression of Sarah Palin is widely thought to have influenced the 2008 Presidential Election. Studies show that women are turned on by a "good sense of humor." Comedy is a powerful tool, but nothing is really known about it.

That said, in my time writing, performing, directing, reading, watching, judging, and in all other ways doing, comedy, I have noticed trends, and I write with these trends in mind.

  1. Break the rules, particularly the one's you've just made.
  2. "Blue" comedy - including but not limited to shit, fart, dick, sex, bodily noise, bodily function, masturbation and vagina jokes - works great in one-liners and in conversation, but tends to fall flat when written, gets old after a minute of constant use, and was never good for anything more than cheap laughs, anyway.
  3. 3.
  4. Never talk down to your audience. People are dumb, and nothing pisses people off more than telling them this.
  5. Never talk over your audience. People are dumb, and nothing pisses people off more than telling them this.
  6. A good original line is better than a great quote.
  7. The truth can be funnier than any lie (this was one of my rules even before reading this).
  8. Avoid overwriting. Your audience should be left wanting more, not less.
  9. Comparisons are better than any adjective you can come up with, but should be used in moderation.

  10. And lastly and, in my opinion, most importantly...

  11. Ask yourself "What am I saying?" at least 10 times before, during, and after the writing process and
  12. Comedy is about making other people laugh. Write for yourself. Rewrite for your audience.

edit Quotes on Comedy

What is comedy? Comedy is the art of making people laugh without making them puke.

Steve Martin

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