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A Quadruple agent is a working member of any government or corporate secret service who undertakes espionage missions in the field against another government or corporation under the guise of becoming an agent for the opposing organisation (not exclusive to each other, a government agent may be assigned to a corporation of interest), while simultaneously feeding false sensitive data from their original organisation over towards their current assignment whom they previously worked for in secret, but have now made themselves known to whomever is now their current employer, yet they are in fact utilising the link forged through passing the sensitive data from their original organisation to their current posting to retrieve sensitive data from the organisation they were originally infiltrating and send that back to their original employer, yet keeping the link open long enough to retrieve real sensitive data (for the data sent from the second organisation back to the first organisation is actually false or misleading) and send that to their new employer for large sums of cash and a new identity.

In short, Quadruple agents are those sent by a second organisation to pretend to their original employer to pretend to be a Triple agent.

edit History

The concept of Double agents and Triple agents has existed since recorded history began. The earliest example of a Quadruple agent is recorded from around 50 B.C., during Caesar's Civil War in the Roman Empire, fought against General Pompey and his legions. Caesar sent his best agent, Tessitus, to Pompey's main camp to supply false information to Pompey in order to retrieve plans for the movements of Pompey's troops, which were in fact false, so that he could steal Caesar's plans instead and show them to Pompey. However, due to slight miscommunication, Pompey had little knowledge that Tessitus was in fact working for him, and prepared to execute him anyway. Unfortunately for him, Caesar had received work of Tessitus' execution, and made way to the known location of Pompey's camp, which was in fact false, but actually true because Tessitus had supplied Pompey with false information that he should set up camp at that same location Caesar was attacking because the nearest town supposedly had some pretty upmarket yoghurt bars. Tessitus was killed by a Caesar legionary during the rescue after failing to deceive his immediate rescuers that he was in fact a Quintuple agent, yet Pompey suffered a disastrous defeat that nearly ended the war.

edit World War Two

The use of espionage in general took a nose dive in the centuries preceding the Second World War, but due to Hitler's blitzkrieg across France in 1939, the need for spies by the allies was paramount.

edit Robert Grosserham

Codenamed "Fildo", Grosserham was a French Air Force pilot who turned to the German Luftwaffe, while under the guise of being in the Royal Air Force yet secretly a member of the Dutch Air Force the entire time spying for the SS. Grosserham's lack of organisation ended up hampering the German land forces counter response to the Allied invasion of 1944 after leaving his dossiers on the train back from Paris.

edit Vitaliy Isichenko

A member of Red Orchestra working for Red Orchestra, spying for Red Orchestra while actually enlisted with the Russian Army, Isichenko's espionage within the Russian resistance in German occupied territories proved slightly useful to the Russian High Command. Upon retirement in 1950, Isichenko received a chocolate medal, a signed card from his former colleagues, and a 200 ruble bill for knocking out the left headlight of a GAZ on a brick wall three years previously.

edit Meredithe Carmague

A French resistance agent who turned for the Germans, who then supplied the French resistance false information about the false information she was sending to the Germans. Meredithe was unmasked by the Germans after being caught blowing her entire investigative department's budget on trips to cafés in Nantes and Absinthe.

edit Cold War

edit Re-Quadrupled Agent

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