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edit Overview

Nanobots, or Nefarious And Naughty Obliteraters of Bits and Overseers of the Tiny and the Small, are really really really small. Nanobots are so small, in fact, it takes a few microscopes stacked on top of one another just to look at one. Do not dis these little buggars, though, because they pack quite a punch. One nanobot alone is able to wipe out entire civilizations in a matter of moments. However, if an army of them is gathered, then this process is slowed due to the fact that the Nanobots like to group collectively and form a giant robot-looking thing to destroy cities the good old fashioned way. Nanobots also command vast armies of ants and hold the insects as slaves. Since this entire article is dedicated solely to Nanobots and Nanotech (Nasty And Not-nice Obliteration TECHnology), it was probably written by a geek or nerd who has a lot of time on their hands.

edit The Arsenal

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