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edit The One Most Corrupted

edit Random Quotes Found Throughout Uncyclopedialand

“You SUCK! You SUCK! And you SUCK even more!”
~ The One Most Corrupted on authors of poor stupid articles
“Insert quote here.... Yeah... do that...”
~ The One Most Corrupted on more quotes
“Don't forget the necrophiliacs! Oh, wait... or is it aphrodesiac?”
~ The One Most Corrupted on One Pedophile per Child
“This is MAH ARTICLE! Now get over it.”
~ The One Most Corrupted on ownership
“It's so awesome, it's insane!”
~ The One Most Corrupted on being corrupted.
“Most things, like sex... or just sex... feel too good to be ignored”
~ The One Most Corrupted on sex
“It's a grammar NIGHTMARE!! Just too many darn periods!!”
~ The One Most Corrupted on women

edit Beginning (Of the End?)

"The view anyone would take would be a matter of opinion. Am I good or am I evil? Is corruption really so bad? To me, there is no such thing as good or evil, only right and wrong. Someone drops their wallet and you give it back to them is the right thing to do while killing/maiming/robbing/raping/violating the person is the wrong thing to do. This, however, does not make up for the concept of good and evil. I view myself as being a sort of right-doing, law-breaking person."

--Verses from The Book of Corruption

The1corrupted (pronounced The One Most Invariably Corrupted) was created from some random part of the Fourth Reich land. He was actually the offspring of Evil Jesus, and Jesus Hitler. The1corrputed was also referred to as Slavokinakato, or Slav for short. This name was due to the fact that The1corrupted is a little bit communist. This has been the way of the corruption of Slav for all time.

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edit Created From Scratch

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